TOKYO, Japan --- Toyota on Friday, June 6, announced it has developed a new fuel cell hybrid, powered by hydrogen and electricity, with a maximum cruising range of 516 miles, AP reported.

The FCHV-adv model drew Japanese government approval on Tuesday, June 3. The car will be available for leasing in Japan later this year, Toyota Motor Corp. spokeswoman Kayo Doi told AP. Pricing details aren't yet available, and overseas plans aren't yet finalized.

The FCHV-adv model features an electric motor and switches between that motor and the hydrogen-powered fuel cell. The new vehicle can also start and run in temperatures as low as minus 22 degrees Fahrenheit, Toyota said.

Toyota's previous fuel cell hybrid model had a maximum cruising range of 205 miles. Also, the FCHV-adv, in comparison, boasts a 25-percent improvement in fuel efficiency and features a better braking system, the automaker said.