ATLANTIC COUNTY, NJ – Kean College has identified Atlantic County as the “Greenest County in the State.” And part of that green initiative includes the County’s fleet, according to The Hammonton News.

Atlantic County is extremely cognizant of the importance of protecting the environment and conserving energy, according to County Executive Dennis Levinson. In 2003, the county began purchasing clean-fuel vehicles, including propane and biodiesel models. The current county bus fleet consists of 31 percent of clean fuel vehicles.

Further progress occurred in 2007 as Levinson issued an executive order that commits Atlantic County government to enact policies and programs to meet or exceed the Kyoto Protocol target goal of reducing global warming pollution levels to seven percent below 1990 levels by 2012. The order requires the county to accelerate its use of clean, economical energy resources and fuel-efficient technologies, such as landfill methane gas recovery, wind and solar energy, hybrid vehicles, and bio fuels. The order also requires greater energy conservation efforts.