NEW YORK – Moishe’s Moving and Storage Systems are going green. The eco-friendly move makes Moishe’s the first all-green moving company on the East Coast, according to the company. Over the next year Moishe’s will institute changes that will significantly cut back on waste and conserve massive amounts of energy.

The company will environmentally optimize their corporate offices, institute new moving supplies rental programs, and introduce green-incentives for their employees before the end of 2008. The entire fleet of Moishe’s moving trucks will be converted to bio-fuel by the end of 2009.

“We really feel that going green plays a massive part in being a socially responsible company,” said Moishe’s CEO Gene Lemay. “We’ve re-engineered our entire corporate pyramid, from our top executive’s offices, right down to the fuel our moving trucks run on. We’re proud to be the first moving company on the East Coast to make the move to green.”