SPARKS, MD – PHH Arval has taken a fleet management function that was formerly paper-laden and transformed it into a more efficient and environmentally-friendly electronic version. Now, vehicle order acknowledgements, along with all the modifications to these vehicle orders, are available to fleet managers via the company's Internet-based information management system, PHH InterActive.

The online version of this fleet management function makes it possible for managers to easily access and search their vehicle orders and modifications. PHH Arval estimates that taking order acknowledgements online saves about 1.5 million pieces of paper each year — along with considerable management time and effort by making the process more efficient.

This is the latest in a long line of fleet management functions that PHH Arval has streamlined for its customers. Using the latest technology tools, PHH is making critical fleet management information available through its easy-to-use client Web site. These tools provide two benefits: managers have easy access to information they need, and they can reduce the amount of paper needed to manage a fleet.

According to Karen Healey, director of product management, "Our clients depend on PHH InterActive to be able to access and work with all their information easily and efficiently. In addition to the tremendous productivity gains they receive through PHH InterActive, we're also proud of the fact that we and our clients are reducing our impact on the environment by dramatically decreasing paper use."