MIAMI, FL – Electric car interest is picking up as gas prices push toward record highs, according to U.S. electric car dealers. ZAP has delivered more than 700 of its Xebra electric city-cars and trucks. The Northern California company is developing a nationwide network of dealers with locations opening in places like Davis, California, Leavenworth, Kansas, and West Palm Beach, Fla.

Recent controversy over laws mandating the production of electric cars brought consumer demand into question, with automakers saying consumers are much more likely to buy hybrids than pure electric cars. Still some persist saying demand is growing and there are few vehicles on the market to fill the demand for electric cars.

“The ZAP Xebra was the only production EV available that could obtain such speeds and actually be driven on regular roads,” said electric car dealer Jonathan Ortiz of Foreign Affairs Auto in West Palm Beach. “I kindly invite anyone in disbelief to enter my showroom doors to see first-hand simple evidence that an Electric Vehicle Dealership can be viable.”

ZAP is developing a range of electric vehicles along with its sales and service network. Based in Santa Rosa, California, ZAP is expecting dealers and distributors from around the world at its next service training and seminar for prospective electric vehicle outlets, scheduled for Apr. 25. To sign up or to arrange a test drive of an electric Xebra, visit