ITASCA, IL – Emkay, Inc. has announced that it is carbon negative.

"Many companies talk about green initiatives and their desire to have no environmental impact," said Chris Tepas, EVP, Marketing for Emkay. "For many companies, this means becoming 'carbon neutral.' Emkay has created an internal socially responsible program with specific sustainable growth initiatives that will not only make us carbon neutral, but carbon negative, hence having a positive impact on the environment."

The impact Emkay has on the environment through its daily energy usage and transportation will be offset through national programs that develop verifiable reforestation and carbon offsetting.

"Our project will not simply eliminate the carbon created by our company, through our sustainable growth initiative, but have a positive effect by exceeding the CO2 emissions it causes by giving back 105 percent, hence truly going beyond carbon neutral," the company said.

Emkay's multi-pronged effort includes several significant strategies:

  • Reduction of CO2 emissions associated with the company's operations.
  • Purchase of permanent and verifiable carbon offsets to cover 105 percent of the emissions that cannot be reduced directly.
  • Create products that our customers can utilize to achieve their corporate environmental initiatives.

Emkay recently launched their new goGREEN fleet product in conjunction with this initiative to effectively help customers manage their fleet's environmental impact. For more information on Emkay or its goGREEN Product, visit or e-mail