DETROIT Chrysler LLC product development chief has announced plans to roll out a hybrid version of its Dodge Ram pickup truck in 2010 that is similar to two SUVs it is launching this year, according to Reuters.

The company already expects to launch hybrid versions of its Dodge Durango and Chrysler Aspen SUVs in the summer and a standard redesigned version of the Dodge Ram in the fall, Frank Klegon said at SAE International's 2008 World Congress.

"The Ram would have a similar drive system to the Durango and Aspen SUV hybrids, which use nickel metal hydride batteries and have larger engines that are capable of operating on four cylinders at highway speeds up to 70 miles per hour to improve fuel economy," said Klegon.

Chrysler also said some 2009 vehicles would have several new options, including a system that warns drivers backing out of parking spaces of approaching traffic and one that monitors the driver's blind spot.