PRINCETON, NJ – NAFA Fleet Management Association has been invited to a special meeting with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to provide fleet perspectives on pending regulation for mandatory reporting of greenhouse gases. The proposed rule will be issued in September and will include fleets.

The meeting will take place on April 16, 2008 in Washington D.C.  Representing NAFA and all fleets will be NAFA President Gayle Pratt; NAFA Past President Patsy Brownson, CAFM; NAFA Secretary Marvin Fletcher, CAFM; and past chair of NAFA's Fuels & Technology Advisory Council Rick Teebay.

"NAFA is pleased to be given the opportunity to speak with the EPA regarding the pending regulation for reporting greenhouse gas emissions," said Pratt.

At the meeting, the EPA will begin a dialogue on the type of information reporting that may be required of fleets.  The meeting offers NAFA the opportunity to have input into the proposed regulation and ensure it is fair and equitable to fleets.

Fleets face compliance issues every single day.  "It is critical to influence rules and regulations before they are adopted," said Teebay.  "Often, small changes can ease compliance and dramatically improve the objectives which the regulations are trying to achieve."

NAFA members are responsible for more than 3.5 million vehicles each year. They look towards the leadership of NAFA to voice their concerns to the governments of the United States and Canada. Any opportunity to represent fleet managers while legislation is being crafted provides NAFA with a proactive role and makes certain that such concerns are considered.

"Seeking NAFA participation indicates EPA's interest in developing practical regulations for real-world situations to meet the required objectives," said Fletcher.