ROCK ISLAND, IL – By going paperless, recapping tires and buying flex-fuel vehicles, Molineis continuing its efforts to go green, the council’s No. 2 priority this year. As part of the council priority, aldermen wanted a curbside recycling program in place, which was launched on March 31, according to

The council wants to encourage green construction and provides environmentally friendly building tips on its Web site and offers a list of tips when someone takes out a building permit.

Council wants staff to implement green practices in city buildings, such as installing compact fluorescent lighting, and to encourage more environmentally-friendly practices, something the fleet department is already doing.

J.D. Schulte, Moline’s fleet manager, said the department bought 20 flex-fuel police cars for $454,478.80. The flex-fuel is a no-cost standard option, and a flex-fuel vehicle can run on regular gasoline or E-85, a higher blend of ethanol that is cheaper than regular gasoline.

Those flex fuel cars will bring Moline’s fleet of flex fuel vehicles up to 52. It has been using E-85 in some of it vehicles since 2005.

Schulte said they lose about 16 percent of performance efficiency using E-85, but the city still saves an average 55 cents per gallon of fuel, a savings that makes up for the loss in efficiency. In addition, using E-85 reduces carbon emissions 2.2 tons annually per car as compared to a vehicle that uses 87 octane gasoline. The police fleet uses 35,000 gallons of gasoline a year. Switching to an all E-85 feet will make an impact in reducing emissions.