WILTON, CT – Henry Hill, owner of Wilton-based Canine Fences, has aggressively moved toward cutting its fuel consumption by switching over its fleet of 120 vehicles to more fuel-friendly ones, according to the Wilton Villager.

Hill is switching his fleet from Ford Econolines and Honda Civics to Dodge Sprinters and Toyota Prius models. Though they are more expensive to buy, they save hundreds of gallons of fuel per year and last longer, according to Hill. His original five-year replacement cycle has been expanded to seven years. The Prius and Sprinter will be kept for seven years, saving thousands of gallons of fuel per year.

Each vehicle has a navigation system installed, and the mileage and the drivers' routes are recorded to see how trips can be shortened so that each gallon of fuel can be stretched to last longer. Hill also charges drivers $5 to get their keys back if they idle the car when they are not inside it.