MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MD – Montgomery County’s Division of Fleet Management Services is attempting to get the word out to the public about their alternative fueling station for flexible fueling vehicles located at 16640 Crabbs Branch Way in Rockville. The facility sells ethanol, or E-85, at $3.19 per gallon while CNG is selling for $2.29, according to The Sentinel.

The average price of regular gasoline is currently going for a record $3.28 per gallon in the D.C. area, the price of diesel has soared even higher to $4.12 per gallon.

“The hidden story in all this is the cost of diesel,” said John Townsend, Manager of Public and Government Affairs for AAA Mid-Atlantic, who also reported that the trucking industry, which mainly uses diesel, will spend $135 billion for fuel, a $22 billion increase from last year.

Montgomery County has adopted a number of independent initiatives to help minimize fuel use and reduce the county’s carbon footprint. While the majority of Ride-On buses use diesel fuel, a third of the fleet uses Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), and there is even a small number of diesel-electric hybrid vehicles.