SCOTTSDALE, AZ – Scottsdale could establish a new Office of Environmental Policy to research and oversee “green” programs and handle federal environmental mandates. The proposal would not impose any new fees or bureaucratic hoops for private construction projects to jump through, though, said Frank Gray, planning and development services general manager, according to East Valley Tribune.

The office would serve as a resource for information and to generate reports on city environmental policies, such as energy conservation and environmentally friendly building methods. The office would also oversee the implementation of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulations, such as the new anti-dust measures the City Council passed last week.

The amendments to the city’s municipal code and zoning laws include restrictions on the use of off-road vehicles in unpaved areas, as well as requirements to use dust control measures on some unpaved properties used by vehicles.

The proposal arose from recommendations contained in the city’s energy policy, first passed in 2000 and then updated by the Environmental Quality Advisory Board in 2007. The policy provides broad guidance on such things as energy conservation, using cleaner fuel in the city’s fleet of vehicles, using renewable energy sources such as solar power, and cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions.

The office could be implemented right away if the council gives its approval on Apr. 17.