DES MOINES, IOWA – In an effort to make E-85 flex-fuel vehicles (FFVs) more accessible to Iowa’s corn growers and to further increase the demand for ethanol, the Iowa Corn Growers Association and Agri-Access have been working together offering a FFV leasing program for the last year and a half now, according to Farm News.

Don Mason, director of services for the Iowa Corn Growers Association, said the FFV leasing program became available during the 2006-2007 membership year and has been available ever since. It was in 2006 that the ICGA worked to pass what they claim to be, the most aggressive Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) in the nation.

According to the ICGA, the RFS will make Iowa a provider in renewable fuels use. One big advantage is that it will make E-85 more readily available to FFV owners by helping retailers install E-85 pumps across the state. 

Mason said in order to get more E-85 pumps installed, there needed to be more FFVs on Iowa’s roadways and in order to get more FFVs on Iowa’s roadways, there needed to be more E-85 pumps readily accessible for those vehicles.

The FFV leasing program is available to new and existing three-year ICGA members and is a standard leasing program with special pricing. There are no mileage limitations, the make and color of the vehicle is the lessee’s choice, delivery is usually six to 10 weeks after order, and the program also offers a great residual or buyout value.

There are a wide range of makes and models available in the FFV leasing program from four-wheel-drive-trucks to mini-vans, cars, and SUVs.

For more information on the FFV leasing program, visit the ICGA Web site at