SEATTLE– Mayor Greg Nickels’ has announced that he wants to require all taxi drivers to use cars that get at least 30 miles per gallon by 2013. The city currently has diesel, compressed natural gas, electric, and hybrid vehicles, as well as 2,180 that run on gas, according to the Seattle Post Intelligencer.

 A breakout of city vehicles includes:

· 384 hybrids and 95 cars that run on compressed natural gas.

· 47 electric off-road vehicles (22 scooters, 22 Segways, two electric bicycles, and one neighborhood electric vehicle).

· 699 diesel-powered vehicles that mostly run on biodiesel.

· 58 vehicles in the general-use motor pool; 45 are hybrid or natural gas vehicles.

 The City’s long-term goal is to have a fleet that is 100 percent clean and green. Here are a few targets from the city’s updated plan:

· Ensure at least 90 percent of compact sedan purchases are clean and green vehicles by 2008.

· Ensure at least 50 percent of small SUV purchases are clean and green vehicles by 2008.

· Transition all non-pursuit, light-duty police vehicles to clean and green vehicles starting in 2007 and finishing by 2011.