ITASCA, IL - EMKAY, Inc., a provider in full-service fleet leasing and management company, announced the launch of their new goGREEN fleet product.

Between 1990 and 2006, CO2 emissions from cars and trucks increased 25.4 percent, equivalent to 1.4 percent increase each year. With carbon dioxide accounting for approximately over 82 percent of all greenhouse gases and an average car emitting approximately 12,000 pounds of climate-changing carbon dioxide every year, The company realizes the need to have a program to effectively help customers manage their fleets impact on the environment.

Energy use and consumption is projected to grow astonishingly by 50% by year 2030 and with Emkay’s goGREEN product we can help those companies looking for a unique product to help them accomplish their environmental initiatives through tracking, analysis, reporting, and management. For more information on this industry unique product please visit our exclusive green website located at:

Through Emkay’s program our clients fleet’s or portion of can ‘go green’ and begin their quest to contributing to a better future for our environment.