SPARKS, MD – PHH Arval, a subsidiary of PHH Corporation, is bringing the power of telematics to PHH GreenFleet to deliver results in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The PHH GreenFleet program has helped fleets reduce emissions by an average of 14 percent, the company said.

The newest innovation of the program is to use data from PHH Onboard, PHH’s telematics-powered service, to help companies further drive down their emissions. Using data captured from the telematics device in each vehicle, PHH GreenFleet has the ability to monitor and impact driver behavior, such as speeding, idling, and unauthorized use, and monitor engine performance to make sure the vehicle is operating efficiently.

Based on results being achieved by PHH Arval clients who utilize the telematics-powered service, PHH Onboard has the potential to reduce fuel costs by up to 10 percent, idling time by up to 25 percent, and unauthorized use by up to 100 percent. In addition to the environmental benefits of using less fuel, it also has a positive impact on operating costs.