ROLLING MEADOWS, IL – With an increased interest in emissions and reducing the use of petroleum distillate based fuels, some governments and regulating bodies are encouraging the use of bio fuels. Governmental incentives and/or environmental legislation requiring the use of biofuels may have an impact on the sales and use of Komatsu engines. Komatsu has released its recommendations for those using blends from B-5 to B-20 in Komatsu Engines.

An acceptable biodiesel fuel blend of up to 20 percent volume concentrate (B-20) biodiesel with 80 percent petrodiesel can be used for all Komatsu engines. Customers must adhere to the following requirements of Komatsu when using biodiesel blends above B-5 and up to B-20.

Komatsu requires the biodiesel fuel blend be purchased from a BQ-9000 Certified Marketer. The B-100 biodiesel fuel used in the blend must be sourced from a BQ-9000 Accredited Producer. Certified marketers and producers can be found at the following Web site:


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