ALMERE, THE NETHERLANDS – During 2007, LeasePlan had a significant increase in both turnover and profit. The net result improved to EUR 255.4 million being an increase of 21.2 percent compared to the previous year. Excluding the effect of divestments, the net result improved to EUR 239.2 million, an increase of 13.4 percent.

“Excellent results have again been achieved through the combined efforts of our staff worldwide,” said Vahid Daemi, chairman of the Managing Board and CEO of LeasePlan. “These results have been made possible by our strong customer focus and the continued leveraging of the scale of our business. Although we operate in a competitive environment, LeasePlan is well positioned to consolidate its strong position in 2008.”

Almost all entities of the LeasePlan Group achieved substantial growth in 2007, both in number of contracts and in financial results. The net result for 2007 improved to EUR 255.4 million (+21.2 percent). The number of cars under management showed an increase of 57,000 units (+4.5 percent) to a total of 1,315,000. The (lease contract) portfolio, representing the size of balance sheet exposure grew by EUR 666 million (+5.1 percent) to EUR 13.9 billion. The number of staff employed was reduced to 5,971 (-/-5.2 percent).

LeasePlan’s market position was further strengthened in 2007 and the network of own companies was expanded to 29 countries through the addition of LeasePlan Romania and LeasePlan Turkey. Also, LeasePlan divested its body repair activities JB Carrosserie and Carflexs.

In 2007, LeasePlan launched GreenPlan, a global service allowing clients to measure their CO2 emissions, set up a target for their CO2 reduction and put in place measures to ensure the achievement of those targets. Large global organizations use GreenPlan to support their corporate sustainability policy.