TORRANCE, CA - Gunnar Lindstrom, who has spearheaded Honda’s NGV program the past several years, who retired February 1st. 

Lindstrom joined American Honda in 1978, working first in Motorcycle and later with the Automobile Service division as a technical trouble-shooting engineer. He joined Honda R&D and the newly formed electrical vehicle team in 1990 where he was responsible for the initial U.S. strategy and coordination of Honda North American EV activities. 

He also worked to develop EV recharging infrastructure standards jointly with the Electric Utility industry. Currently, his department is responsible for the Honda Civic GX, developing the launch strategy and business plan for the FuelMaker “Phill” home refueling appliance and the launch of the Honda FCX. For the past three years, Lindstrom also has served as the vice-chair of NGVAmerica.