The Jeep Grand Cherokee was the 2020 Fleet SUV of the year.   -  Stellantis

The Jeep Grand Cherokee was the 2020 Fleet SUV of the year. 


Automotive Fleet is proud to present the 2021 edition of the Car, Truck, and SUV of the Year! 

Voting is now LIVE and can be found by clicking this link!

It's been another challenging year in fleet given the pandemic, supply chain constraints, and the ever-changing vehicular market. As many states (and stakeholders) attempt to find the perfect balance between internal combustion engined vehicles of the past and the electric and hybrid vehicles of tomorrow, one fleet factor remains constant—efficient fleet managers and fleet management companies will put their teams in the vehicles that help them deliver.

And the annual Fleet Vehicle of the Year survey is your chance to do the same. Will Ford reign supreme once more with the venerable F-150 in the truck category? Who will take the crown from last year's car of the year, the Chevrolet Malibu? And as the SUV and crossover market explodes in fleet, will Stellantis remain on top with the timeless Jeep Grand Cherokee? Here's your chance to help determine the 2021 Fleet Vehicle of the Year. The ballot will is LIVE and we look forward to hearing what the next great fleet vehicles will be! 

Vote early, let your voice be heard, and help us determine the next Fleet Vehicle of the Year!

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