The Bargersville, Ind., Police Department has been running a Tesla Model 3 in its fleet for the last 13 months, and it appears to be saving the department money. Todd Bertram, an officer with the Bargersville PD, posted a comparison of the EV and a Dodge Charger in their inventory, which showed the Tesla cost $6,755 less in “fuel” and maintenance from August 2019 to August 2020.

The Dodge Charger had maintenance and gas costs of $7,580, while the maintenance and electricity costs for the Model 3 totaled $825 for the same time period.

The savings from the Model 3 will help the Bargersville PD expand its forces, according to a report from Teslarati. The Model 3 is expected to save Bargersville $21,000 over six years, canceling out the additional $14,500 it costs to purchase compared to a Charger.

Originally posted on Government Fleet

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