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Verizon Rolls Out 25 ‘MAGIC’ Buses to Green New York City Streets

Video of Verizon's MAGIC bus is available on YouTube.

To help reduce traffic congestion and carbon dioxide emissions in New York City, Verizon has rolled out a fleet of 25 buses that will pick up company technicians at central locations throughout the city and then transport them to local job sites.

PG&E Named ‘Clean Air Champion’ for e-WIMS Bucket Trucks

Richard Battersby, East Bay Clean Cities director, presented the Clean Air Champion award to Nina Kisch, manager of transportation services for Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E). (Photo: East Bay Clean Cities)

Developed by PG&E in partnership with Altec Industries, the e-WIMS advanced technology uses a separate battery system to quietly and efficiently power equipment on the truck while on the job site, eliminating the need for the engine to be idling.

EcoPower Re-Refined Oil Approved for Use in Detroit Diesel Engines

Detroit Diesel has approved EcoPower Heavy-Duty Diesel 10W-30 CJ-4/SM for use in Detroit Diesel engines. The re-refined engine oil is designed to improve fuel economy up to 1.5 percent, deliver better cold-weather starts, and protect engines.

Linde Deploys 20 More LNG Trucks in U.S. Fleet

The LNG-fueled tractors are lighter in weight, allowing the company to increase payloads, improve service, and better manage fuel costs. In addition, the LNG tractors run more smoothly and quietly, according to the company.

Texas Schools Saving Even More with Alt-Fuel Tax Credit Extension

Texas school district fleets operating clean propane autogas buses are benefiting from the “fiscal cliff” bill, which includes the extension of expired alternative-fuel tax credits. Schools already cutting costs with propane autogas will now save even more money by recouping 50-cents-per-gallon through 2013 and retroactively to 2012.

Georgia Sheriff’s Fleet Expects $135K Fuel Cost Savings by Running on Propane Autogas

CARROLL, GA – The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office near Atlanta has been saving an estimated $135,000 annually by fueling 36 Ford Crown Victorias on propane autogas. Even more fuel savings is expected in 2013.

Survey Finds 62% of Fleet Managers Plan to Purchase More Fuel-Efficient Vehicles in 2013

REDWOOD CITY, CA – Fleet professionals have a broad range of plans for dealing with rising fuel costs in 2013, with 62 percent reporting plans to purchase more fuel-efficient or alternative-fuel vehicles.

Oklahoma DOT Adds 160 CNG Vehicles to Fleet

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma Department of Transportation has added 160 compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles to its fleet for use in its field division offices.

Sheriff's Fleet of Propane Cruisers Cuts Fuel & Emissions in Half

The Iredell County Sheriff’s fleet is experiencing 40-50 percent fuel savings, as well as reduced maintenance costs. 

STATESVILLE, NC – The Iredell County Sheriff’s fleet in North Carolina is reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 52 percent and will ultimately displace 296,400 gallons of gasoline with propane-autogas cruisers.

Colorado Mountain Express Saving $18K with Each New Propane Shuttle Van

The company's four 15-passenger ROUSH CleanTech propane-autogas-powered Ford E-350 vans have been serving Vail resorts during the past year. (Photo: ROUSH CleanTech)

VAIL, CO – Each of the shuttle vans fueled by propane autogas is saving Colorado Mountain Express more than $18,600 at the pump and emitting 42,689 less lbs. of carbon dioxide during the 160,000-mile life expectancy of each van, according to the company.


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