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Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner Feature New Tires, Better Fuel Economy, and Aerodynamics

DEARBORN, MI – The 2009 Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner models are boosting fuel economy with new sets of tires and improved aerodynamics.

Coke’s Hybrids Help Mitigate Fuel Costs

ATLANTA -- By increasing the number of hybrids in their fleets, Coke and its bottlers are saving hundreds of dollars in fuel costs per vehicle.

ZAP Launches Sale of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Car

SANTA ROSA, CA - ZAP is currently offering plug-in hybrid conversion systems for the Toyota Prius and Ford Escape Hybrid through a collaboration agreement with Hybrids Plus.

Corporate Fleets Embrace the 'Green'

PepsiCo-FritoLay is one of several fleets employing hybrid-electric trucks as part of corporate green initiatives.

Private sector fleets are taking on more social responsibility with green fleet initiatives.

Greenwich Sets Green Goals

GREENWICH, CT – The town of Greenwich has set a goal to replace the vehicles in its municipal fleet with hybrids and other environmentally-friendly models when old models are in need of replacement.

City of Bridgeport Develops Alternative Fuel Fleet

BRIDGEPORT, CT – The City of Bridgeport is going “green,” one vehicle at a time. Mayor Bill Finch is driving a black, 2007 Ford Escape hybrid SUV, the city’s first chief executive to adopt a vehicle that uses an alternative power source — a rechargeable battery — to reduce gas usage and emissions.


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