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New Fuel Blend Helps Fleets Improve Emissions and Sustainability

November 27, 2017

The latest innovation in renewable fuel is the blending together of two leading diesel replacements: biodiesel and renewable hydrocarbon diesel (RHD). It’s receiving rave reviews from early users, and it’s easy to see why.

Biodiesel is a competitively priced product with a proven track record of providing fleets and individual drivers with strong performance while reducing emissions and petroleum consumption.

RHD is a newer alternative fuel that also has excellent environmental and performance benefits while being a drop-in replacement for petroleum diesel.

Blending biodiesel and RHD with each other — instead of only with petroleum diesel — results in a product that features the best characteristics of the two fuels.

  • Emissions - Significantly reduces a fleets carbon footprint
  • Performance - Higher Cetane and lubricity, and lower aromatics and Cloud Point
  • Easy to Use – The fuels are easy to blend, store and handle
  • Supply – With RHD demand outpacing supply, blending in biodiesel can help stretch your renewable hydrocarbon diesel allocations

This product is just starting to get attention in the fuel and transportation industries.

Get a leg up on the competition in understanding the fuel and its benefits by downloading our A Winning Combination white paper today.



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