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Nissan’s Electric Car to Get Here in 2010

NASHVILLE, TN – Nissan is moving full speed ahead with plans to introduce a pure electric car in 2010 for fleet customers in Japan and the United States.

County Says 'No' to Buying Hybrid

The Scott County, Iowa Board of Supervisors recently voted to purchase a Ford Focus, over a hybrid vehicle, because of the $12,215.97 price tag.

Komatsu America Corp. Provides Recommendations for Biodiesel Use

ROLLING MEADOWS, IL – With an increased interest in emissions and reducing the use of petroleum distillate based fuels, some governments and regulating bodies are encouraging the use of biofuels.

Alternative Fuel Vehicle Institute Holds Forum

LAS VEGAS – The Alternative Fuel Vehicle Institute (AFVi) will host a who’s who of experts on hand Mar. 26-27 in Orange, Calif., for a two-day forum on the rapidly growing marketplace for natural gas.

New Green Cable Truck Developed at Con Edison

NEW YORK CITY – Con Edison’s has developed a more powerful vehicle that pulls 13,000- and 27,000-volt cable more quickly and safely, reducing the time streets are closed for construction work.

Mayor Signs Alternative-Fuel Taxi Legislation

SAN FRANCISCO – Mayor Gavin Newsom has signed legislation that will enable the purchase of more alternative-fuel taxi cabs for use on San Francisco streets.

Toronto Okays Green Fleet, Green Power

TORONTO – Toronto politicians have unanimously backed measures to make the city fleet more environmentally friendly and to make it easier for residents and businesses to use renewable energy like solar and wind power.

Study: Many Biodiesel Blends Inaccurately Calibrated

FALMOUTH, Mass. --- While sampling blended biodiesel fuels purchased from small-scale retailers, researchers at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution found that many of the blends do not contain the advertised amount of biofuel.

ZAP Launches Sale of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Car

SANTA ROSA, CA - ZAP is currently offering plug-in hybrid conversion systems for the Toyota Prius and Ford Escape Hybrid through a collaboration agreement with Hybrids Plus.

Energy Conference Underscores Potential of Hydrogen

WASHINGTON, D.C. --- At a major energy conference last week, leading executives of BP and General Motors were among the speakers who highlighted the potential role that hydrogen will play in powering vehicles of the future, reported.

Daimler Plans Hybrid Mercedes-Benz with Lithium-Ion Battery

DETROIT– Daimler AG is planning to roll out a hybrid version of its Mercedes-Benz flagship S-Class luxury sedan that uses a kind of battery already widely used in consumer electronics

Mercedes’ Compact Concept SUV Gets 40 MPG From a Diesel-Electric Powertrain

MONTVALE, NJ - Mercedes-Benz is now stepping into the diesel-electric hybrid market with the Vision GLK BlueTec Hybrid concept.

BMW Unveils Diesel Hybrid

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – BMW unveiled a diesel-electric hybrid concept version of its X5 SUV, and claimed that its efficient dynamics program is saving huge amounts of fuel.

Volkswagen Unveils 69 mpg Diesel-Electric Hybrid Concept Car

GENEVA, Switzerland --- At the 2008 Geneva Auto Show, Volkswagen unveiled a Golf TDI Hybrid concept car that boasts 69 mpg and emits less than 90 g/km of CO2, Edmunds reported.

20-Percent Ethanol Blend Passes Compatibility, Performance Tests

PAUL, Minn. --- Increasing the amount of renewable ethanol blended into gasoline from 10 percent to 20 percent does not present problems for current vehicles or fuel dispensing equipment and provides similar power and performance, according to a new study released Wednesday by the State of Minnesota.

UPS Adds 306 Alternative-Fuel Vehicles to Fleet

LOUISVILLE, KY – UPS has placed an order for 167 CNG delivery trucks and took delivery of 139 new propane delivery trucks for its North American delivery service.

FedEx Operates Clean, Green Fleet

SAN FRANCISCO – FedEx uses 48,000 vehicles globally to deliver, as well as another 30,000 vehicles at its airport operations.

State Fleets Are Sidestepping Ethanol Use

WASHINGTON - The state of New Jersey owns more than 2,200 cars and light trucks that run on E-85, a cleaner-burning fuel mix of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline.

City of Olympia Buys First Electric Vehicle

OLYMPIA, WA – The City of Olympia received $11,000 from the Olympia Regional Clean Air Agency (ORCAA) to purchase its first electric vehicle.

City Unveils Plan to Expand its ‘Green Fleet’

LONDON, ONTARIO, CANADA – From Smart Cars to hybrids to biodiesel fuel, the City of London is looking to reduce its carbon footprint through the expansion of its green fleet vehicles.

Adams Electric Will Own Plug-In Hybrid Utility

GETTYSBURG, PA – Adams Electric Cooperative, headquartered in Gettysburg, Pa., says it will be the first utility in the United States to own and operate a Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) bucket truck.

Coke to Buy Green Hybrid Trucks

ATLANTA – Atlanta-based Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc., Coke’s largest bottler, has agreed to buy 120 trucks this year using a diesel-electric hybrid system developed by Eaton Corp.

UPS Canada Helps Expand Global Green Fleet

MISSISSAUGA, ON – UPS Canada will be rolling out 139 additional cleaner-burning, propane delivery trucks. The majority of these vehicles will be deployed in Quebec, Ontario, and Alberta, and the rest distributed between British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

Breakthrough in Battery Technology by Daimler

STUTTGART, GERMANY – Daimler AG has achieved a crucial breakthrough in battery technology. The Stuttgart-based automaker has succeeded in adapting lithium-ion technology to the demanding requirements of automotive applications.

Eaton’s Largest Hybrid Electric Drivetrain Order

KALAMAZOO, MI – Coca-Cola Enterprises will purchase 120 new trucks in 2008 powered by Eaton Corporation’s hybrid electric drivetrain systems.


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