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August 22, 2008 - Industry News

Ford Fuel Cell Fleet Exceeds Performance Expectations; Test Program Extended

DEARBORN, MI – Ford's 30-unit fuel cell fleet has exceeded expectations of the it hydrogen research engineers and earned accolades for durability, reliability, and capability.

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August 15, 2008 - Industry News

Volkswagen Group of America Participates in National Hydrogen Road Tour

HERNDON, VA – Volkswagen's Hydrogen Fuel Cell concept vehicle, the HyMotion Tiguan, will travel from Portland, Maine to Los Angeles over the next 13 days.

Tags: Volkswagen, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

August 12, 2008 - Industry News

Geoff Ballard, Pioneer of Fuel-Cell Industry, Dies at 76

TORONTO – Geoff Ballard, a Canadian pioneer of the fuel cell industry and an entrepreneur that Time Magazine once named one of its "Heroes for the Planet," passed away August 2.

August 1, 2008 - Industry News

General Physics Corporation Completes Construction of Hydrogen Fueling Station in Los Angeles

ELKRIDGE, MD – General Physics' recently constructed Shell Hydrogen fuel station is the second in the U.S. to provide both gasoline and hydrogen in a retail format.

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July 29, 2008 - Industry News

US Postal Service to Green 195,000-Vehicle Neighborhood Delivery Fleet

An Irvine, Calif., postal worker loads mail into a Chevrolet Equinox Fuel Cell electric vehicle presented to the U.S. Postal Service as part of GM’s Project Driveway, a demonstration program to test t

IRVINE, CA — General Motors recently presented a Chevrolet Equinox Fuel Cell electric vehicle to the Postal Service for testing in a mail-delivery environment.

Tags: USPS, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles, General Motors

July 29, 2008 - Industry News

Honda FCX Clarity Fuel Cell Lease Program Begins with First Customer Delivery

World's first Honda FCX Clarity customers Ron Yerxa, center, and wife Annette Ballester receive the ceremonial key to their Honda hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicle from Dan Rowand, sales manager of H

TORRANCE, CA – The first FCX Clarity customers received the hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicle July 25 at Honda of Santa Monica.

Tags: Honda, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

July 28, 2008 - Industry News

BMW Hydrogen 7: A Sedan Fueled by the Future

MUNICH, GERMANY – Long lists of restrictions are familiar to journalists who drive press cars from automakers’ fleets, but one prohibition placed on the BMW Hydrogen 7, a 760Li luxury liner modified to run on hydrogen in addition to its normal gasoline diet, was an eye-opener

Tags: BMW, Hydrogen, Hydrogen 7

July 25, 2008 - Industry News

Fuel Cell Vehicles 15 Years and $200B Away

SAN FRANCISCO – A new report issued by the National Research Council claims fuel cells are still at least 15 years away from being commercially feasible.

Tags: Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

July 22, 2008 - Industry News

USPS Working with GM to Test Alt-Fuel Vehicle Replacements for 195,000-Unit Fleet

IRVINE, CA – On July 23, the U.S. Postal Service will outline its strategy for converting to an environmentally friendly fleet and announce an alternative-fuel vehicle test.

Tags: Alternative-fuel vehicles, USPS, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles, General Motors

July 22, 2008 - Industry News

Two Million Hydrogen Vehicles Could Be on Roads by 2020

WASHINGTON – A transition to hydrogen vehicles could greatly reduce U.S. oil dependence and carbon dioxide emissions, but making them competitive in the automotive market will not be easy.

Tags: Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

June 29, 2008 - Industry News

Hydrogen Filling Station Opens in West L.A.

LOS ANGELES --- California's first retail hydrogen filling station opened to the public last week, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Tags: Shell

June 16, 2008 - Industry News

Honda Launches Production of FCX Clarity Fuel Cell Car

TOCHIGI, Japan --- American Honda Motor Co. Inc. announced five of the first customers for its advanced new FCX Clarity hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicle and also provided details of the world's first fuel cell vehicle dealership network in the United States.

Tags: Honda

June 12, 2008 - Industry News

GM and Clean Energy Working to Expand Hydrogen Fueling Infrastructure

LOS ANGELES – Clean Energy Fuels Corp. will open a hydrogen fueling station in Los Angeles with support from General Motors Corp. The two companies also announced that they are exploring further opportunities to expand the hydrogen infrastructure.

Tags: Clean Energy Fuels, General Motors

June 9, 2008 - Industry News

Toyota Develops New Fuel Cell Car

TOKYO, Japan --- Toyota on Friday, June 6, announced it has developed a new fuel cell hybrid, powered by hydrogen and electricity, with a maximum cruising range of 516 miles, AP reported.

Tags: Toyota

May 30, 2008 - Industry News

DOE Takes Delivery of a Chevy Equinox Electric Vehicle Powered by a Hydrogen Fuel Cell

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has added a Chevy Equinox fuel cell electric vehicle to its fleet of alternative-fuel and advanced-technology vehicles.

Tags: Chevrolet Equinox, U.S. Department of Energy

May 7, 2008 - Industry News

Monroe County Explores Fuel Cell Technology

ROCHESTER, NY – Monroe County is feeling pain at the pump to the tune of almost $1.3 million a year, and that’s why County Executive Maggie Brooks is exploring fuel cell technology

Tags: Monroe County, Project Driveway, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

May 2, 2008 - Industry News

Gale Banks Selected to Test Drive New BMW Hydrogen 7 Sedan

AZUSA, CA – Gale Banks, president and founder of Banks Power in Azusa, has been selected by BMW to road test its new advanced-technology showcase vehicle, the Hydrogen 7 sedan.

Tags: BMW, Hydrogen, Hydrogen 7

April 23, 2008 - Industry News

California Wants New and Improved Hydrogen Stations

SACRAMENTO, CA – California is seeking experienced and qualified teams to compete for part of $7.7 million aimed at helping construct and improve hydrogen-fueling stations in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas.

Tags: CARB, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

April 21, 2008 - Industry News

BMW Unveils New Lightweight Hydrogen Concept Vehicle

MUNICH, GERMANY – BMW has unveiled a new concept vehicle that can run solely on lightweight hydrogen.

Tags: BMW, Hydrogen

April 4, 2008 - Industry News

Hydrogen Car Prospects Sputter

NEW YORK – California regulators have realized that manufacturers won't be able to make as many hydrogen-fueled cars by 2014 as regulators had once hoped, according to Forbes.

Tags: Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Regulations, Ford, Chrysler, General Motors, Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Greenhouse Gas

March 26, 2008 - Industry News

Hydrogen Fuel Station Opens in White Plains

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. - With a history of using alternative-fuel vehicles long before it became chic, White Plains now is the Northeast hub — and one of three cities nationwide — for a model program designed to put hydrogen-powered cars in consumers’ hands.

Tags: Chevrolet Equinox, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

March 14, 2008 - Industry News

Virgin Atlantic to Use Fuel Cell Cars for Shuttling VIPs

NEW YORK --- Virgin Atlantic Airways recently unveiled plans to start using General Motors fuel cell cars as limousines for VIP passengers in the U.S., Reuters reported.

Tags: Hydrogen, Chevrolet Equinox, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

March 10, 2008 - Industry News

Energy Conference Underscores Potential of Hydrogen

WASHINGTON, D.C. --- At a major energy conference last week, leading executives of BP and General Motors were among the speakers who highlighted the potential role that hydrogen will play in powering vehicles of the future, CNNMoney.com reported.

March 3, 2008 - Industry News

Driving the BMW Hydrogen 7

MUNICH, GERMANY – The BMW Hydrogen 7 is one of only 20 hydrogen-powered cars in the world.

Tags: BMW, Hydrogen

February 15, 2008 - Industry News

GM Fuel Cell, GMC Hybrid SUV Will Be at Oscars

LOS ANGELES – Chevrolet’s Fuel Cell Equinox and GMC’s Yukon Hybrid are set to transport Hollywood stars to the 80th Annual Academy Awards on Feb. 24.

Tags: Chevrolet Equinox, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles, General Motors, Gasoline-Electric Hybrids



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