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Porsche Panamera Hybrid


Revealed: Porsche Panamera Hybrid

ATLANTA – The standard Panamera will make its debut in 2009 as a 2010 model, and the Cayenne Hybrid is slated to arrive "at the end of the decade."

Dr. Jack Kace, vice president, environmental and safety for Roche formed the safety, health, and environmental (SHE ) program to help benefit employees, the community, and the environment.


Roche Incorporates Environmental Alternatives Into Its Fleet

Roche, a leading pharmaceutical and diagnostic business, implemented a successful hyybrid vehicle program that reduces gas and emissions in its sales fleet.

Fleet Manager Jim McClung shows off the City's Toyota Prius.


Charlottesville Goes 'Green'

A city initiative to become more environmentally responsible prompted the Charlottesville Fire Department to pilot-test a Ford Escape Hybrid as an emergency response vehicle.

Odyne partnered with utility equipment manufacturer Dueco to develop an electric-powered aerial lift truck that can operate up to eight hours on one charge.


Hybrid Lift Truck Helps Utilities Clean the Air

On the job, lift trucks often have to spend the day idling. A plug-in hybrid lift truck can cut much of that fuel use and emissions, while maintaining complete usability.


How Will Future Residual Values Impact Hybrid

While hybrids can reduce fleet fuel expense, the two other major fleet expenses — maintenance/repair and depreciation — must also be considered to determine if hybrids are the answer to reducing overall fleet costs.


Odyne Corp. Receives Purchase Order for 25 Plug-In Hybrid Aerial Lift Truck Systems

HAUPPAUGE, NY – Odyne Corporation, a developer of plug-in hybrid-electric vehicle (PHEV) technologies, has received a purchase order for 25 plug-in PHEV systems from Dueco, Inc., a utility equipment manufacturer.


Toshiba America Medical Systems Fleet Goes Green

After incorporating Toyota Camry Hybrids into its fleet, the medical systems provider will decrease its carbon footprint and save $3K-$4K in fuel costs during each vehicle’s lifecycle.


Strategies for Hybrid Vehicle Purchase Tax Incentives

Public sector fleets are not aware of potential tax credits and how to work with dealers to negotiate lower prices. Tax credits are available, and here’s how fleets can utilize them.

Saturn VUE Hybrid


Bausch & Lomb Expands its Vision of Alt-Fuel/

Bausch & Lomb has deployed flex-fuel, hybrid, and four-cylinder vehicles into its fleet, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and cut fleet costs.

Secura Insurance plans to transition its fleet vehicle composition to 90-percent Ford Escape Hybrids and a  smattering of E-85 vehicles.”


Secura to Expand Fleet's Alt-Fuel Profile

In addition to replacing its remaining conventionally powered vehicles with hybrids, Secura Insurance plans to delve into the world of ethanol.

This channel covers new gasoline-electric hybrids, plug-in hybrids (PHEVs), hydraulic hybrid technology used in trucks, diesel-electric hybrids, hybrid vehicle battery technology, and buses and transit vehicles that use these powertrains.


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