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December 2015, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

UPS Goes Green with Workhorse

Photo courtesy of Workhorse

By Lauren Fletcher

The all-new hybrid-electric delivery vehicle will deliver 400 percent of the fuel economy of a comparable gasoline-powered vehicle, and features the truckmaker’s E-GEN technology.

Tags: Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles, UPS, Workhorse, Battery-Electric Vehicles

May 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Large & Recharged: Top Electric Fleets

By Grace Suizo

Electric and hybrid vehicles have found a home in several of the country’s largest commercial fleet operations.

Tags: Cox Enterprises, Johnson Controls, AT&T, PG&E, UPS, FPL, Coca-Cola, Verizon, GE, Frito-Lay, Staples, Duke Energy, FedEx Express, DHL Express, Merck, Top Fleets, Battery-Electric Vehicles

September 2012, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

UPS 'Fills Up' on Fuel-Saving Practices

By Grace Suizo

Environmental conservation — powered by telematics, route optimization, and alternative-fuel vehicles and technologies — saved UPS 85 million miles of driving time in 2011.

Tags: UPS, Propane Autogas, Compressed Natural Gas, Gasoline-Electric Hybrids, Battery-Electric Vehicles

January 2011, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

UPS Trademark Brown Delivery Trucks Go Green

Since its founding in 1907, UPS has been looking for the most efficient ways to operate. In 1998, it was the first package delivery company to employ hybrid-electric vehicles. Over the years, the comp

By Shelley Mika

With the purchase of 130 hybrid-electric vehicles, the package delivery company grows its alternative-fuel vehicle fleet and increases its dedication to a “green” fleet.

Tags: UPS, Gasoline-Electric Hybrids, Battery-Electric Vehicles

December 2010, Green Fleet Magazine - Cover Story

Green Initiatives Surge in Commercial Truck Fleets

Frito-Lay's deployment of 176 electric trucks will eliminate the need for 500,000 gallons of fuel annually.

By Staff

Truck fleets across the nation have continued adding alternative-energy vehicles, contributing to their corporate sustainability goals.

Tags: AT&T, FedEx, UPS, Verizon, Frito-Lay, Prime Time Shuttle

November 2008, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

New Work Engines of Tomorrow

By Dan Kratz

From hybrids to electric vehicles, it is important to have the right fuel to drive down fuel costs.

Tags: Biodiesel, UPS, Hydrogen, Freightliner, WorkStar, Biomethane, Work Trucks, Compressed Natural Gas, Greenhouse Gas, Gasoline-Electric Hybrids, Battery-Electric Vehicles

May 2008, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Fleets Go Green Without Going Broke

By Cheryl Knight

Alt-fuel vehicle pioneers Verizon, UPS, and Coca-Cola, among others, implement cost-conscious green fleet initiatives to reduce their carbon footprints. Through pilot testing and monitoring, their programs operate as models for others.

Tags: LNG, Wal-Mart, UPS, Coca-Cola, Verizon, Compressed Natural Gas, Gasoline-Electric Hybrids

April 2008, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Hybrid Technology Focus Moves to Medium Duty

Freightliner is developing a hybrid drive system for trucks such as this beverage delivery truck.

By Paul Dexler

Medium-duty trucks tend to be used for short-haul, stop-and-go delivery, and trash hauling service, all ideal for hybrid technology. Eaton Corp. has teamed with several manufacturers to develop the trucks.

Tags: Paccar, FedEx, UPS, Eaton, Peterbilt, Medium-Duty Trucks, Gasoline-Electric Hybrids

March 2008, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Corporate Fleets Embrace the 'Green'

PepsiCo-FritoLay is one of several fleets employing hybrid-electric trucks as part of corporate green initiatives.

By Grace Lauron

Private sector fleets are taking on more social responsibility with green fleet initiatives.

Tags: Prius, SECURA, Environmentally Friendly, Ford Escape, FedEx, UPS, Bristol-Myers Squibb, FPL, Novartis, PepsiCo, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Coca-Cola, Alternative Fuels, Gasoline-Electric Hybrids



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