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Fuel Tax Hike Unlikely, Says Congressman Shuster

December 30, 2014

Rep. Bill Shuster, chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, said that one of his 2015 priorities will be a highway bill – but he does not expect it to be funded by a fuel tax increase.

In comments reported by AP, the Pennsylvania Republican also said he does not see any support for a vehicle mile tax.

His alternatives are a one-time infusion to the Highway Trust Fund from corporate tax reform, or levies on oil exploration offshore and on federal land.

The idea of funding highways through corporate tax reform has been advanced by President Obama and former Rep. Dave Camp, R-Mich. Before he retired this year, Camp was chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee and proposed the outlines of such an approach.

Congress must act on the federal highway program by next May, when current funding expires.


  1. 1. GREG FOREMAN [ December 30, 2014 @ 04:50PM ]

    A “one time” infusion of money into the highway trust fund is like putting a band-aid on a heart attach victim. The interstate trust fund requires a consistent source of revenue. We are trying to maintain, expand and improve the interstate system in 2014 with a revenue base dating from 1997—that ain't working. The current federal fuel tax of 18.40 cents per gallon has been in effect since 1997.
    The one and only, sure fire approach to alleviating-notice I said alleviating, not solving-the current financing dilemma is an increase in the federal fuel tax, nothing less. A phased increase of three cents a year over the next 5 years would go a long way toward putting the system back on the road toward solvency.
    Any one proposing anything else is following the Ostrich method of logic: burying their head in the sand and hoping the problem just goes away.

  2. 2. G. Chandler [ December 31, 2014 @ 06:06AM ]

    I am sick and tired of more,more,more taxes is the only way to fix things in this country. YOU people are the ones that need to wake up and get your heads out of the sand as you call it and your hands out of the pocket of the people that make this country work. Relaxe some of the stupid regulations on the methods of road building and it would not cost half as much. It would make most people crazy to watch some of the things that the road contractors are required to do in the process of building or repairing roads, so wasteful. Spend the money you are collecting now WISELY on the roads and not on other things, would go a long way!!

  3. 3. GREG FOREMAN [ December 31, 2014 @ 08:18AM ]

    True enough, no sane person could argue against improved efficiency, transparency, or accountability in governmental expenditures. However, even assuming such characteristics were somehow miraculously achieved overnight producing the desired effect you, Chandler, and others strive for, the financial fact remains that no one, be the organization governmental, charities, or private individuals, can survive on revenue levels 17 years old. In 17 years, cost related to everything has increased tremendously, more so in the construction, maintenance and repair industry than any other. To think, even for a second, that the interstate system or any governmental service, for that fact, can provide services based on revenue streams almost old enough to vote is unrealistic and overly simplistic.
    The “spend wisely” rebuttal is simply an excuse for “throwing the baby out with the bathwater” maintained by individuals more concerned with their own selfish paradigms than the benefit, maintenance, advancement and security of our country.

  4. 4. bill dolloff [ December 31, 2014 @ 01:32PM ]


  5. 5. Scott [ February 09, 2015 @ 09:16PM ]

    Lets get the Green economy moving

    Sign the petition (only your initials are visible to the public)

    Press Congress to increase the gasoline tax while using the executive branch to articulate the benefits to constituents

    The U.S. has reached a milestone by leading the world in petroleum and natural gas production and in electric vehicle innovation. With moderating gas prices, the government should use this halcyon moment to rationalize funding for transportation. As the gas tax was last adjusted in 1993, an increase is long overdue. Our nation’s productivity is impaired by poor infrastructure and congestion. It is time to decouple our economy from oil and capture a larger share of transportation costs domestically. Proceeds spent on infrastructure will foster job growth not only directly through increased construction activity but also indirectly by enhancing the competitiveness of domestic industries. The Obama administration is uniquely positioned to lead as educator-in-chief on this front.


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