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March 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Chicago Streets to Feel a Surge of Electricity

The City of Chicago’s all-electric refuse trucks will be equipped with an electric powertrain control system (ePCS) from Motiv Power Systems. The trucks will carry 10 battery packs and have a

By Grace Suizo

All-electric refuse trucks will bring a whole new level of “clean” to the Windy City.

Tags: Chicago, Motiv Power Systems, Battery-Electric Vehicles

March 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Getting Management Buy-In to Green Your Fleet

Reducing a fleet’s carbon footprint is, and has been in recent years, the hottest topic in fleet. However, it can be a challenging “sell” to management. Here are some ways to get key support.

Tags: GPS, Alternative-fuel vehicles, Public Relations, Flex Fuel, Routing

March 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Clean Cities Celebrates 20 Years

The National Clean Fleets Partnership program is helping 18 mega-fleets, such as Staples and Frito-Lay, incorporate alternative fuels and fuel-saving measures into their operations.

By Dennis Smith, Clean Cities

Over the past two decades, Clean Cities coalitions across the country have been working hard to promote more eco-conscious transportation operations and shrink U.S. dependency on foreign oil.

Tags: Clean Cities, Alternative Fuels Data Center, Federal Grants

January 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Cover Story

Best Practices in Emissions-Reduction Strategies

Todd Mouw, vice president, sales and marketing for ROUSH CleanTech speaks from the podium at the launch of Sears’ 27 new propane-autogas vans.

By Lauren Fletcher

Delivery, food, and beverage fleets — and everything in between — have proven that it is possible to reduce emissions today, with just a small investment in time and money.

Tags: Cox Enterprises, Downsizing, Waste Management, Frito-Lay, Propane Autogas, Compressed Natural Gas, Idle Reduction, Emissions, Cintas, Sears Holdings, Battery-Electric Vehicles

January 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Washington Gas Achieves Tier 5 Clean Fleet Certification

Melissa Reidy, specialist – fleet administration of Washington Gas, accepted the first CLEANFleet certification award for its Tier 5 certification.

By Cheryl Knight

The company plans to prevent the emission of more than 670,000 equivalent metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere by 2020, equal to the emissions generated by 130,000 passenger vehicles in one year.

Tags: Green Fleet Conference, Coalition for Green Fleet Management, CLEANFleet, Washington, LEED Gold Certification

January 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Electric Vehicles Continue to 'Charge' Ahead

By Lauren Fletcher

Is public charging infrastructure necessary for fleets? What does our electric vehicle (EV) future hold? EV infrastructure is a hot topic today, and experts share their views.

Tags: Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles, PEVs, EV Charging Stations, BEVs, Battery-Electric Vehicles

January 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

GE and Peake Fuel Show CNG Belongs in a Box

By Grace Suizo

GE and Peake Fuel Solutions have partnered to bring compressed natural gas to the masses with a new plug-and-play onsite refueling system.

Tags: GE, Compressed Natural Gas, Chesapeake Energy, CNG Conversions, Peake Fuel Solutions

January 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Fleets Use Propane Autogas in the Real World

By Sean Lyden

Representatives from several organizations that have made the switch to propane autogas share their real-world perspectives on the alternative fuel.

Tags: Propane Autogas, Michigan, Badger Cab Company

January 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

EV Resale Values Hard to Predict

Despite the growing popularity of electric vehicles among fleets, there are still unknowns when adding them to a fleet’s vehicle lineup, including their long-term resale values, according to

By Greg Basich

"Black Book"’s Ricky Beggs noted that electric vehicle resale values are being impacted by rapidly advancing powertrain technologies.

Tags: Remarketing, Black Book, Ricky Beggs, Battery-Electric Vehicles

January 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

'GO'-ing to Alternative Fuels

By Chris Wolski

After dipping its wheels into the alternative-fuels pond, Chicago-based GO Airport Express has jumped in with plans to convert its entire fleet in two years.

Tags: Propane Autogas, Compressed Natural Gas, Ford E-350, Airports, Parmelee Company

January 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

A New Team Hustles Onto the Alt-Fuel Field in North Carolina

Land of Sky Clean Vehicles Coalition held a designation ceremony on Oct. 29 to mark its official entry into the DOE’s Clean Cities program. Attendees included (from left) Coalition Fleet Cons

By Julie Sutor, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Clean Cities program grows its ranks with the Land of Sky Clean Vehicles Coalition.

Tags: Clean Cities, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Land of Sky Clean Vehicles Coalition, LoSCVC

January 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Chesapeake Energy Converting 5,000 Vehicles to Natural Gas

One of Chesapeake's natural-gas fueled fleet vehicles.

By Greg Basich

The natural gas company has converted 30 percent of its fleet to natural gas and is on track to meet its 2014 sustainability goal.

Tags: Sustainability, Compressed Natural Gas, Chesapeake Energy

November 2012, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

2012 Green Fleet Conference

Almost 1,000 attendees gathered in Schaumburg, Ill., to learn about sustainable solutions for their fleets and have a little bit of fun, too, during the event’s ride and drive.

Tags: FedEx, Green Fleet Conference, Pike Research, MotorWeek, GE Global Research

November 2012, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Read More About Fleets Reducing Emissions

By Lauren Fletcher

Fleets across the country are looking to reduce emissions, and have found numerous ways of doing so. From deploying alternative-fuel vehicles, to utilizing telematics, to moving to four-cylinder vehicles, major fleets are getting serious and successful at significantly reducing emissions.

Tags: Cox Enterprises, UPS, Coca-Cola, Shell, Waste Management, Frito-Lay, Walmart, Service Fleets, Cintas, DOD, Future of Fuels Intiative

November 2012, Green Fleet Magazine - Cover Story

To EV or Not to EV? Top Fleets Answer the Question

By Grace Suizo

Going electric may not be for everyone, but several of the country’s top fleets have realized benefits from having electric vehicles in their operations. Learn about the challenges they’ve encountered and how they’ve managed to cope.

Tags: Maintenance, Sustainability, Fuel Costs, Driver Morale, Battery-Electric Vehicles

November 2012, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

'Charging' Ahead from the Grid Up

By Lauren Fletcher

In part one of a two-part article, "Green Fleet" looks back at the past, reviews current challenges, and discusses the obstacles fleets and electric-vehicle infrastructure currently faces.

Tags: EV Charging Stations, grid overload, Battery-Electric Vehicles

November 2012, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

The Business Case for Hybrid-Electric Medium-Duty Trucks

By -

While the up-front investment may be high, hybrid-electric power makes financial sense for some medium-duty fleets. Find out if your fleet is one of them.

Tags: Maintenance, Medium-Duty Trucks, Lithium-Ion Batteries, Gasoline-Electric Hybrids

November 2012, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

The Emerald City Strives for a Deeper Shade of Green

By Julie Sutor, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Western Washington Clean Cities is helping airports, government fleets, and businesses find sustainable solutions for fueling transportation.

Tags: Clean Cities, Nissan Leaf

November 2012, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Into the Driver's Seat: States Take Action to Boost NGV Adoption

By Gregory Staple & Matthew Slavin

States have a dramatic role to play in incentivizing private-sector investment in natural gas vehicle (NGV) fueling infrastructure.

Tags: Compressed Natural Gas, Tax Credits, grant programs

November 2012, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

A Painless Way to Go Green: Biodiesel

By Sean Lyden

Sticker shock, lack of infrastructure, time to convert, and maintenance issues may make fleets “gun shy” when considering an alternative fuel. Biodiesel allows fleets to jump on the green-fuel bandwagon with little expense and fewer headaches than other alternative fuels.

Tags: Biodiesel, Enterprise Holdings, Airports

September 2012, Green Fleet Magazine - Cover Story

DHL Delivers on Green

DHL Express recently rolled out 100 ROUSH CleanTech propane-autogas vans in California, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, and Texas. The DHL fleet operates more than 4,000 alternative-fuel vehicles world

By Grace Suizo

Propane autogas is the latest alternative fuel powering up the DHL Express pickup and delivery fleet and helping the company minimize its environmental impact.

Tags: Propane Autogas, ROUSH CleanTech, DHL, GoGreen Strategy

September 2012, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Green's the Thing in 2013

By Chris Wolski

Nearly all the major automakers are offering new or updated green vehicles for the 2013 model-year. Fleet managers have more options to fit their alternative-fuel needs.

September 2012, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Which Hybrids Payback the Quickest

After five years and 15,000 miles of driving per year, are there any hybrids that actually have a lower cost of ownership than their gasoline-engine counterparts?

Tags: Vincentric, Toyota Prius, Lexus CT 200h, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Lincoln MKZ Hybrid, Gasoline-Electric Hybrids

September 2012, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

UPS 'Fills Up' on Fuel-Saving Practices

By Grace Suizo

Environmental conservation — powered by telematics, route optimization, and alternative-fuel vehicles and technologies — saved UPS 85 million miles of driving time in 2011.

Tags: UPS, Propane Autogas, Compressed Natural Gas, Gasoline-Electric Hybrids, Battery-Electric Vehicles

September 2012, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

How Public Sector Fleets Can Take Advantage of EV Tax Credits

Oklahoma City's new Nissan LEAF vehicles were delivered on Aug. 16. Bill Hager, fleet services administrator, is shown checking them for specification compliance.

By Cindy Brauer

A provision in the federal plug-in electric vehicle tax credit allows government agencies to work with dealers for up to $7,500 off vehicle sales prices.

Tags: City Fleets, EV Tax Credits

September 2012, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Ford Calculator Helps Fleets Make Greener Choices

Ford has designed a new tool to help fleets make the most informed purchase decision possible when selecting fuel-efficient vehicles.

September 2012, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Alternative Fuels Gaining Speed in Dallas-Fort Worth

T. Boone Pickens (center) poses with Dallas-Fort Worth Clean Cities staff (from left, Kenny Bergstrom, Kimberlin To, Pamela Burns, and Mindy Mize) at the Fuel City CNG station opening.

By Julie Sutor, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Dallas-Fort Worth Clean Cities is working with some of the largest fleets in the Lone Star State to reduce petroleum use and vehicle emissions.

Tags: Clean Cities, T. Boone Pickens, Propane Autogas, Compressed Natural Gas

September 2012, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

40 Sustainability All-Stars

By Lauren Fletcher

Join Green Fleet magazine in acknowledging the 2012 group of 40 Sustainability All-Stars for all they do to help green fleets and sustain the environment.

Tags: Green Fleet Conference, Sustainability All Stars

July 2012, Green Fleet Magazine - Cover Story

Retrofitting to a Cleaner Fleet

By Chris Wolski

Retrofitting a used or new fleet vehicle to an alternative-fuel system is relatively easy. Choosing the best one for fleet can be hard.

Tags: Baytech, ROUSH CleanTech, ALTe, Greenkraft, XL Hybrids, Impco, Westport, Landi Renzo

July 2012, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Georgia Power Fulfills Green Goals

(L-R) Joe LaRosa, NAFA's international vice president, and Rick Sikes, chair of NAFA's Fuels & Technology Advisory Council, presented a Sustainable Fleet Award to Tony Saxon, CAFM, fleet suppor

Adding more alternative-fuel vehicles to its fleet and continuing research on cleaner-burning fuels are just a few ways the utility is achieving sustainability.

Tags: E-85, Biodiesel, Georgia, Awards

July 2012, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

PG&E Goes for the Green

PG&E operates more than 20 Chevrolet Volts. To support these vehicles, it has installed about 50 new electric-vehicle charging stations at different locations.

By Chris Wolski

Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) Company has established a model of sustainability with its mixed alt-fuel fleet. Among its innovations: electrified bucket trucks.

Tags: PG&E, Volt, Compressed Natural Gas, ALTe, Range Extender, Bucket Trucks, EVI

July 2012, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Ecolab Boosts GHG-Reduction Efforts

(L-R) Joe LaRosa, NAFA's international vice president, and Rick Sikes, chair of NAFA's Fuels & Technology Advisory Council, presented a Sustainable Fleet Award to Gayle Pratt, director of globa

Ecolab has been able to significantly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and improve fuel efficiency in its fleet operations since 2006.

Tags: SmartWay, Ecolab, Sustainable Fleet, Greenhouse Gas

July 2012, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

'Electrify' Your Fleet

Although everyone seems to be “going green,” it’s not always easy to find a home for electric vehicles. Here are some ideas for utilizing these alternative-fuel models in fleet.

Tags: Gasoline, Preventive Maintenance, range, Battery-Electric Vehicles

July 2012, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Breathe Free and Drive

The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services uses a CNG Ford Transit Connect for air quality monitoring.

By Julie Sutor

Granite State Clean Cities Coalition is deploying natural gas vehicles and biodiesel in New Hampshire.

Tags: Biodiesel, Clean Cities, Compressed Natural Gas

July 2012, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Bringing Suppliers Together to Achieve Sustainability Goals

Gregg Hodgdon, CAFM, director of fleet operations at Deli Express, is shown above left with Scott Bates, truck product manager for Thermo King, in front of the fleet’s new, fuel-efficient tru

Deli Express collaborated with several fleet suppliers to achieve positive sustainable changes through the use of traditional fuels and a new, fuel-efficient truck design.

Tags: ARI, E.A. Sween, Thermo King, NPR ECO-MAX

July 2012, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Real-World Fleets Put Natural Gas Vehicles to the Test

AT&T chose CNG technology because it’s a cost-effective way to help the company reduce its fleet-based carbon emissions, and because it’s currently readily available in the U.S.&nbs

By Sean Lyden

A cost-effective alternative to conventionally powered vehicles, natural gas is utilized in several different fleet segments and is producing strong results.

Tags: AT&T, Waste Management, Compressed Natural Gas, Giant Eagle

May 2012, Green Fleet Magazine - Cover Story

Chrysler & GM Enter the CNG Truck Market

The CNG-only range of the Ram 2500 CNG pickup is 255 miles.The gasoline backup extends the range to367 miles.

By Chris Wolski

Taking a cue from fleet managers, Ram and GM are producing compressed natural gas (CNG) bi-fuel trucks. the new alt-fuel trucks make greening truck fleets easier and cheaper.

Tags: Bi-Fuel, Compressed Natural Gas, General Motors, Ram Truck, Impco

May 2012, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

'Going Green': Beyond the Basics

Working with a vehicle’s OBD-II, the Ecometer is a “plug-and-play” instantaneous fuel-efficiency meter.

The ability to immediately monitor and increase fuel efficiency, reduce idling, and improve driver productivity are just a few ways fleets are going beyond the basics to go green.

Tags: Espar Heater Systems, SCT Fleet Solutions, Auto Meter Products

May 2012, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Proven Petroleum Reduction Strategies: Part II

The Illinois Green Fleets Program works to promote the achievements of fleets in the state that stand out from their peers in “greening” their fleet operations.

By Barbara Bonansinga

The Illinois Green Fleets Program helps reward organizations and individuals for innovation and environmental stewardship.

Tags: Illinois, Clean Cities

May 2012, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Clearing the Air in St. Louis

APUs allow truckers to power appliances and climate-control systems without idling the engine.

By Julie Sutor

St. Louis Clean Cities is cutting emissions on the banks of the Mississippi.

Tags: Clean Cities, SLCC, Greenhouse Gas

May 2012, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Propane Autogas: Advantages Beyond Financial Incentives

Vehicles fueled by propane autogas have equivalent horsepower, torque, and towing capacity as gasoline-fueled models, and emit 12-percent less carbon dioxide, about 20-percent less nitrogen oxide,

By Steve Wayne

Even beyond federal and state incentives, propane autogas proves a viable fuel source with lower greenhouse gas emissions and reduced fueling costs.

Tags: PERC, Propane Autogas, Steve Wayne, Alternative Fuels

May 2012, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

The Green Fleet Price Tag

The 2012 Toyota Prius I emits the lowest level of smog-forming pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions of the vehicle’s popular fleet vehicles reviewed in this analysis.

Taking a hard-numbers approach to a fleet's vehicle tailpipe emissions and lifecycle cost data will help improve an ecological footprint without breaking the bank.

Tags: toyota, chevrolet, Audi, Dodge, Vincentric, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Subaru, Honda, Volkswagen, Ford, Greenhouse Gas

May 2012, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Making the Business Case for Alternative-Energy Vehicles


Fleet managers face a dilemma in justifying the higher acquisition cost for electric-powered vehicles. A new TCO tool from Dow Kokam can help spotlight alternative-energy's bottom-line benefits.

Tags: Dow Kokam, TCO, Alternative Fuels

March 2012, Green Fleet Magazine - Cover Story

Greening a Truck Fleet Requires Innovation, Creativity

Schwan’s has been operating propane-autogas trucks since the gasoline crises of the 1970s.

By Chris Wolski

As with any vehicle technology, there are numerous approaches that can be used to green a fleet. With trucks, it requires just a bit more patience and creativity.

Tags: Waste Management, LPG, ARS, Schwan's, Elevator Fleets

March 2012, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Electrifying Transportation in North Carolina

(L-R) CCFC Coordinator Jason Wager, the City of Gastonia’s Kristy Crisp, and CCFC Co-coordinator Emily Parker unveil a GE Gexpro Level II, partially funded by CCFC.

By Julie Sutor

Centralina Clean Fuels Coalition is paving the way for electric vehicles in the greater Charlotte region.

Tags: Clean Cities, Clean Fuels Coalition

March 2012, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Evaluating Medium-Duty Truck Alternative-Fuel Technologies

By Sean Lyden

When it comes to alternative-fuel systems for medium-duty (Class 4-7) trucks, one size does not fit all. Fleets have five green options to consider.

Tags: Biodiesel, Propane Autogas, Compressed Natural Gas, Gasoline-Electric Hybrids, Battery-Electric Vehicles

March 2012, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Proven Petroleum Reduction Strategies

By Barbara Bonansinga

By transitioning to higher mpg vehicles, the State of Washington’s fleet cuts fuel costs by more than $750,000.

Tags: Gasoline, Fuel Management, Washington, Bryan Bazard, Gasoline-Electric Hybrids

January 2012, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

GE Creates EV Learning Center

An architectual rendering (above) shows what fleet managers can expect of the experience center.

By Chris Wolski

The Twin Cities will be getting a good dose of GE’s ecomagination in the form of a state-of-the-art customer experience and learning center for electric vehicles (EVs). The center is being built on the site of GE Capital Fleet Services’ headquarters campus.

Tags: Alternative-fuel vehicles, Vehicle Testing, GE Capital Fleet Services, Battery-Electric Vehicles

January 2012, Green Fleet Magazine - Cover Story

Fleets Embrace Green Vehicles


By Grace Suizo and Chris Wolski

Cash-strapped organizations often think the only way they can possibly "go green" is by purchasing alternative-fuel vehicles (AFVs). While AFVs are one way to go, they aren’t the only way to green operations.

Tags: Cox Enterprises, Polk County, General Electric, Chesapeake Energy

January 2012, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Ready for Civic Duty

<br />he Honda Civic Natural Gas had its second official debut at the 2011 Green Fleet Conference in October. Formerly known

By Shelley Mika

Fourteen years after its debut in 1998, the Honda Civic Natural Gas holds the title as the longest continuous OEM-produced, compressed natural gas (CNG)-powered vehicle in America.

Tags: Green Fleet Conference, Compressed Natural Gas, Honda Civic



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Don't Underutilize the Expertise of Your Suppliers

By Mike Antich
For many managers responsible for vehicle operations, fleet management is often one of several job responsibilities. These managers acknowledge that it is difficult to stay on top of changes in vehicle design, powertrains, onboard safety technology, telematics capabilities, and regulatory changes that impact fleet operations. Despite this recognition, a common mistake made by many of these managers is underutilizing the subject-matter expertise of current and/or prospective suppliers.

The Future of Fleet is Managing the Connected Vehicle Ecosystem

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2018 Volvo XC60

By Paul Clinton
The 2018 XC60 arrives as the mid-size sibling of the XC90 in a stylish update that includes a bevy of new safety features, infotainment tech, and a well laid-out cabin.

2018 Mercedes Benz GLS450 4MATIC

By Chris Brown

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Sherb Brown
Ready or Not, Electrification Is Coming

By Sherb Brown
We’re not where we need to be with battery technology and the whole herd seems to be betting that a magical new solution will appear in time to save us all. I sure hope they are right.

Fair and Balanced

By Sherb Brown

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Joe Thompson
How the VW Settlement Funding Can Benefit Your Fleet

By Joe Thompson
Part of the settlement required VW to establish and fund an Environmental Mitigation Trust. Over the next 10 years, the trust will fund environmental mitigation projects that specifically reduce emissions of NOx.

Listen Up (or Lose)

By Joe Thompson