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March 2014, Green Fleet Magazine - Cover Story

Thinking of Going Electric?

By Staff

Before adding electric vehicles, fleet managers must ensure they’re prepared for what to expect.

Tags: EV Charging Stations, Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Volt, Battery-Electric Vehicles

March 2014, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

The Future of Fuel Cells in Fleet

The Honda FCX Clarity utilizes a fuel cell similar to the illustration pictured above.

By Sean Lyden

Hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles will eventually be coming down the pipeline; however, while necessary infrastructure is still a way off, some fleets may be able to utilize these units soon.

Tags: Mercedes-Benz, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles, Honda

March 2014, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

The Useful Life of a CNG Cylinder

Because compressed natural gas (CNG) cylinders are pressurized, special precautions must be made to ensure proper maintenance.

By Shelley Mika

With a lifecycle of approximately 15 to 20 years, there are a number of important factors to consider when determining if a compressed natural gas (CNG) cylinder has ended its useful life.

Tags: Maintenance, Natural Gas Vehicles, Compressed Natural Gas, CNG Tanks

March 2014, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Altering Upfit Specs to Reduce Fuel Costs

By Sean Lyden

From utilizing alternative fuels to decreasing vehicle weight to increasing vehicle aerodynamics, there are several options for fleet managers looking to reduce fuel costs through chassis and upfit specs.

Tags: Vans, Fuel Costs, Upfitting

January 2014, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Kansas City is Kicking the Petroleum Habit

Kansas City Regional Clean Cities Coalition Co-coordinator Aaron Brown fills up the Metropolitan Energy Center’s compressed natural gas (CNG) van.

By Julie Sutor, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Kansas City Regional Clean Cities Coalition is helping fleets transition to alternative fuels.

Tags: Federal Grants, City of Kansas City, Alternative Fuels

January 2014, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

The State of All-Electric Trucks in the U.S. Medium-Duty Market

Staples currently utilizes 53 Smith Newton battery-power electric trucks in or near eight cities across the U.S. on routes that include frequent stops and limited miles.

By Sean Lyden

More and more vehicle manufacturers are entering the electric vehicle market, but will companies be able to provide a medium-duty option that lives up to its gasoline-powered predecessor?

January 2014, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

ROUSH CleanTech: Three Years of Steady Growth

By Lauren Fletcher

Officially founded in 2010, ROUSH CleanTech offers 14 vehicle models and has grown from its start of six employees to a current total of 80.

Tags: ROUSH CleanTech, Ford E-Series, Ford F-Series

January 2014, Green Fleet Magazine - Cover Story

Become Green-Minded

One of the 20 all-electric delivery trucks Frito-Lay introduced onto routes in 2013.

By Stephane Babcock

“Going green” is not always about buying the latest and greatest alt-fuel vehicles. Companies must also look at how fuel efficiency, TCO and infrastructure costs affect their choices.

Tags: Natural Gas Vehicles, Propane Autogas, Battery-Electric Vehicles

January 2014, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

5 Ways to Use Telematics to Green Your Fleets

Utilizing telematics in fleet operations can help reduce the number of miles driven, incidents of vehicle idling, and overall fuel costs and wear-and-tear on a vehicle.

By Sean Lyden

Companies are able to use telematics solutions to lessen the carbon footprint of their vehicle fleets as well as reduce overall fuel consumption.

Tags: Telematics, Driver Safety, Idling

November 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Ford F-150/Super Duty Natural Gas Models

The Westport WiNG Power System is available in the popular Ford F-250 (right) and F-350 Super Duty pickup trucks (based on Ford’s new 6.2L hardened engine platform).

By Lauren Fletcher

One large independent oil and gas exploration company discusses its use of the F-250 Super Duty WiNG natural gas powered pickup truck.

Tags: Ford F-150, Ford, Ford Super Duty, F-250, Natural Gas Vehicles

November 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Going Green in the Bluegrass State

The GEM electric vehicle will be used for numerous tasks that take rangers around the Mammoth Cave Campground and the Visitor Center area.

By By Julie Sutor, NREL

Clean Cities’ longest-serving coordinator is paving the way for alternative fuels and advanced vehicles in Kentucky.

Tags: diesel-electric, hybrid buses

November 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Duel on the Delivery Route: Diesel vs. Electric

Georgia Tech researchers used a Smith Newton battery-electric delivery truck similar to the one above to study the total cost of ownership for medium-duty battery-electric delivery vehicles versus

By Shelley Mika

A recent Georgia Tech study found that the total cost of ownership for medium-duty battery-electric and diesel urban delivery trucks were similar in every performance area except in city driving, where electric vehicles edged out diesel.

Tags: Diesel, delivery, Georgia, Battery-Electric Vehicles

November 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Michelin Helps Yellowstone Park Foundation Keep on Rolling

Since 2008, Michelin has donated more than 1,400 tires to help equipYellowstone National Park’s fleet of 800 vehicles.

More than 1,400 tires have been donated to the national park, resulting in fuels savings of as much as 20 percent since 2009, which translates into an emissions savings of more than 4 tons of CO2.

Tags: Tires, Michelin

November 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

NYC Turns Other Fleets Green with Envy

The New York City Department of Transportation has nine Kenworth T270 hybrid diesel-electric bucket trucks in service.

Running 74 percent of its vehicles on some form of alternative fuel, NYC Parks’ fleet vehicles are aggressively working to meet emissions-reduction goals.

November 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

PHEVs Generating Momentum

The 2014 Ford Fusion Energi SE recycles its energy with regenerative braking, which recharges its 7.6kW lithium ion battery by capturing 90 percent of the vehicle’s braking energy that would

Having the option to use both gasoline and electricity provides fleet managers with the best of both worlds — increased fuel economy and elimination of range anxiety.

November 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

The Latest Developments in EV Battery Technology

Lithium-ion batteries have high power and energy.

Electric vehicle battery manufacturers are increasing research and development and looking at potential technologies.

Tags: Lithium-Ion Batteries, Battery-Electric Vehicles

November 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Cover Story

40 Sustainability All-Stars

By Staff

Join us in acknowledging the 2013 group of 40 Sustainability All-Stars for all they do to help green fleets and sustain the environment.

Tags: Green Fleet Conference, Sustainability All Stars

November 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Wireless EV Charging Stations Cut the Cord

Companies such as Qualcomm and Evatran are working to develop dynamic charging in the U.S. to make charging effortless and to bring EVs to the mass market. Dynamic charging has been demonstrated in

By Sean Lyden

The latest developments in wireless electric vehicle charging eliminate fueling station clutter and reduce the risk of equipment damage.

Tags: EV Charging Stations, Battery-Electric Vehicles

September 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Cover Story

2014-MY Expands Fleets' OEM Green Options

2014-MY Ford F-150 CNG

By Lauren Fletcher

The 2014 model-year will see all-new hybrid, electric, extended-range electric, compressed natural gas (CNG), diesel, and even some highly fuel-efficient gasoline models.

Tags: Alternative-fuel vehicles, Compressed Natural Gas, Extended-Range Electric Vehicles, Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles, MY 2014, Gasoline-Electric Hybrids, Battery-Electric Vehicles

September 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

FedEx Sets New Environmental Goal

FedEx is using hybrid-electric and other alt-fuel vehicles to achieve its 2020 sustainability goals of 30-percent increased fuel efficiency.

By Chris Wolski

The package delivery giant exceeds its initial 2020 sustainability goals nearly eight years early through a combination of rightsizing, eco-driving techniques, and innovation. The company has upped its environmental ante by 50 percent.

Tags: FedEx, Alternative-fuel vehicles, Gasoline-Electric Hybrids

September 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

CNG Trucks Save Monarch Beverage More Than $2 Million in Annual Fuel Costs

Monarch Beverage has made a long-term commitment toward compressed natural gas (CNG) and is building its own CNG fuel station with two islands.

The beer and wine distribution company converted 85 percent of its fleet to compressed natural gas, with a goal to have more than 90 percent of its fleet fueled by CNG by 2015.

Tags: Compressed Natural Gas, CNG Fueling Stations

September 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Alternative-Fuel Tax Credits for Fleets

By Richard Battersby, University of California, Davis

Many eligible fleets may be leaving money on the table by not filing for alternative-fuel tax credits. The filing process isn’t as tricky as it may appear to be.

Tags: LNG, IRS, Compressed Natural Gas, Tax Credits

September 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

An Alt-Fuel Pioneer in Oklahoma

Central Oklahoma Clean Cities (COCC) Coordinator Yvonne Anderson (second from left) cuts the ribbon, dedicating two CNG refuse trucks for use by the City of Norman, Okla.

By Julie Sutor, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Central Oklahoma Clean Cities’ Yvonne Anderson has played a critical role in establishing alternative fuels in the Sooner State.

Tags: Nissan Leaf, Compressed Natural Gas, Biofuels, Battery-Electric Vehicles

September 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

UPS Has an Alt-Fuel Ambition

A delivery truck driver of one of UPS’ 96,176 vehicles worldwide — including delivery trucks, vans, tractors, and motorcycles — fuels a tractor with liquefied natural gas (LNG).</

By Shelley Mika

UPS sets a new goal of driving 1 billion miles in alt-fuel vehicles by 2017, benefiting the environmental, social, and economical aspects of sustainability.

Tags: LNG, UPS, Compressed Natural Gas, Alternative Fuels

September 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Paths to Propane Autogas

Lewis Pest Control uses a Prins bi-fuel propane autogas system, which starts on gasoline and switches to propane autogas after the engine heats up.

By Chris Brown

Four fleets share their stories on the process of acquiring and converting vehicles to propane autogas and building their fueling infrastructure.

Tags: Propane Autogas

September 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

5 Factors to Consider When Converting to an NGV Fleet

CenterPoint Energy began its natural gas initiative in 2011 and expects to have 85 natural gas trucks, mostly ½-ton pickups, by the end of 2013.

By Sean Lyden

With its lower cost, ability to reduce smog-producing pollutants, and its status as an abundant domestic fuel source, more fleets are looking at switching over to natural gas. There are five factors to consider before making the leap to the domestically produced alt fuel.

Tags: Ryder System, Compressed Natural Gas

September 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

What Is the Future of Electric Vehicles in Fleet?

By Chris Wolski

With improvements in battery technology, public interest, and a better understanding of the vehicle technology, the future looks bright for electrified vehicles in fleet.

Tags: FedEx, Coca-Cola, Frito-Lay, Battery-Electric Vehicles

July 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Cover Story

The State of Alt-Fuel Refueling Infrastructure in the U.S.

By Sean Lyden

The experts are bullish on the future of the availability of public alt-fuel refueling infrastructure. Fleets will be among the prime drivers of the growth.

Tags: Compressed Natural Gas, Liquefied Natural Gas, Alternative Fuels Data Center, refueling, Alternative Fuels

July 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Sharing Vehicles for a Leaner, Greener Fleet

By Staff

When properly implemented, a vehicle-sharing program enables fleets to eliminate underutilized vehicles — and the costs associated with them — freeing up cash to acquire newer, more fuel-efficient vehicles that are better for the environment and the bottom line.

Tags: Carsharing, Fuel Efficiency

July 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Hybrid Roi? The New Class

By Chris Brown

There are more hybrid models than ever before, but is the return on investment gap shrinking for fleets?

Tags: ICE models, Gasoline-Electric Hybrids

July 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Unified Government Relies on Propane to Meet Green Goals

By Cheryl Knight

Converting some of its public transportation vehicles to propane autogas, including several paratransit buses, is expected to save the UG fleet more than $100,000 per year in fuel costs.

Tags: Propane Autogas, Kansas City, Unified Government, Ford E-Series

July 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Stretching Every Gallon in Vermont

Vermont Clean Cities Coalition (VTCCC)’s Tom McGrath (standing) presents a fuel economy workshop to employees of the City of Burlington, Vt.

By Staff

Vermont Clean Cities Coalition is helping fleets boost fuel economy through driver training.

Tags: Driver Training, Fuel Economy, Clean Cities

July 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Fleet Professionals to Gather at the Green Fleet Conference & Expo in Phoenix

The Green Fleet Conference features cutting-edge keynote speakers.

By Staff

Fleet professionals will gather at the largest green fleet conference to discuss alternative fuels and automotive technological advancements.

Tags: Green Fleet Conference, Phoenix, Alternative Fuels

July 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

The Eugene Water & Electric Board Recognizably and Certifiably Green

By Shelley Mika

Eugene Water & Electric Board achieved national recognition and continues its legacy of care for the community and the environment.

Tags: Motor Oil, oil filter

May 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Cover Story

On the Quest for Green Dollars

Fleets today have a number of potential sources for funding alternative-fuel vehicle projects.

By Chris Wolski

For fleets struggling to find the funds to buy alt-fuel vehicles, there is money available. All it takes to get it is to formulate a plan, build relationships, and pay attention to the details.

Tags: Clean Cities, NGVAmerica, CALSTART, National Biodiesel Board, Grant Funding, EPA, PERC, U.S. Department of Energy, National Clean Diesel Campaign

May 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Schindler Elevator Puts Sustainability First

Schindler chose the Prius hybrid-electric sedan for its reduced emissions and safety features.

By Greg Basich

Schindler Elevator is replacing its gasoline-only U.S. sales segment of its fleet with 500 hybrid-electric Prius sedans as part of its global sustainability plan. The company expects significantly reduced emissions as a result of this change.

Tags: Toyota Prius, Elevator Fleets

May 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Napa Valley USD's Hybrid School Buses = Efficiency

A hybrid school bus from Napa Valley USD.

By Cheryl Knight

The California unified school district (USD) saves a significant amount in fuel costs each year thanks to its CNG, plug-in hybrid, and other alternative-fuel vehicles. The CNG models alone have saved the district more than $105,000 per year.

Tags: Natural Gas Vehicles, Ford E-450, Ford E-Series, Napa Valley USD, School Fleets

May 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

EVs Meet the Real World

Jim Ruby, facilities management fleet director for the University of California, San Diego, charges one of the school’s five Nissan LEAFs, acquired as part of the University’s “Ta

By By Chris Brown and Grace Suizo

Five Nissan LEAF users share their driving experiences. Is reality matching expectations?

Tags: Operating Costs, Nissan Leaf, EV Charging Stations, Battery-Electric Vehicles

May 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Large & Recharged: Top Electric Fleets

By Grace Suizo

Electric and hybrid vehicles have found a home in several of the country’s largest commercial fleet operations.

Tags: Cox Enterprises, Johnson Controls, AT&T, PG&E, UPS, FPL, Coca-Cola, Verizon, GE, Frito-Lay, Staples, Duke Energy, FedEx Express, DHL Express, Merck, Top Fleets, Battery-Electric Vehicles

May 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Taking Alt-Fuel Vehicle Resale Online

Since launching in 2012, has been helping fleets sell their out-of-service alternative-fuel vehicles.

By Chris Wolski

Following a tried-and-true model for conventionally fueled vehicles, is giving fleets a selling platform to directly connect with buyers in and out of fleet.

Tags: Remarketing, Alternative-fuel vehicles

May 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

GE Expands Electric Fleet With Ford C-MAX Energi

GE is in the process of adding 2,000 Ford C-MAX Energi models to its fleet, and is well on its way to meeting its 2015 sustainability goals.

By Chris Wolski

GE has plans to add 2,000 Ford C-MAX Energi Plug-in Hybrids, which will join its Chevrolet Volt and Toyota Prius models. The fleet will also be adding other alt-fueled vehicles as part of its ongoing ecomagination program.

Tags: Ford, Natural Gas Vehicles, Ford C-Max, General Electric, Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles

May 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Why CNG Station Performance Specifications Are Critical for Maintenance Technicians

Performance specifications, which should have been established when the station was designed, are the basis of an effective operation and maintenance (O&M) program for any compressed natural ga

By Annalloyd Thomason, NGVi

Seven areas of specifications that CNG maintenance technicians must have access to effectively perform his or her job are highlighted.

Tags: CNG Fueling Stations, Technician Training, Natural Gas Vehicle Institute

May 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Green Home Alabama

The City of Trussville, Ala., fuels its 40 CNG fleet vehicles at this Chevron station. The city-owned utility supplies natural gas to the station, which is open to the public.

By By Julie Sutor, National Renewable Energy Laborato

Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition has been helping fleets get the most out of their alternative-fuel options.

Tags: Alabama

May 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Inside the Green Fleet Decision Process

Jason Ebert, GO Riteway’s fleet and facilities coordinator, stands next to the company’s new propane refueling station, which was funded entirely through a Clean Cities grant.

By Chris Brown

With a directive to go green, numerous fleet applications, and so many alternative-fuel and power options, what’s a fleet manager to do? Work the grants system, fit the vehicle to the task, and calculate a favorable ROI.

Tags: Clean Cities, Eaton, ROUSH CleanTech, shuttle, GO Riteway, Ford E-Series, School Fleets, Thomas Built, limousine, CNG

March 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Cover Story

Novo Nordisk Takes Environmental Responsibility to a Higher Level

Donna Bibbo, CAFM, manager of Fleet & Travel for Novo Nordisk (left), oversees a staff of four, which includes Jennifer Cole, senior fleet associate.

By Cheryl Knight

The fleet has managed to lower its average CO2 per mile by 8.8 percent and boost fuel efficiency by 10 percent while keeping drivers happy with selector options.

Tags: Sustainability, Novo Nordisk, Greenhouse Gas

March 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

6 Ideas for Spec'ing Greener Trucks Without Breaking the Bank

Using a lightweight material, such as a composite, to spec a service truck can help a fleet do more with a smaller, more efficient truck.Photo: BrandFX

By Sean Lyden

While many commercial truck fleets may have qualms about going “green,” the process can make a statement and add to the bottom line.

Tags: Spec'ing, Lightweighting, Upfitting

March 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Can EVs Lose the Plug & Go Wireless?

The Delphi wireless charging system involves no plugs or charging cords. Electric power flows upward from a power source resonator to a power capture resonator installed on a vehicle.

By Lauren Fletcher

The use of wireless charging is moving from toothbrushes and mobile phones to vehicles. How does a fleet lose the cord and plug and go wireless?

Tags: Qualcomm, Delphi, wireless EV charging systems, EV Charging, City of Sacramento, Tesla, Michael Faraday

March 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Chicago Streets to Feel a Surge of Electricity

The City of Chicago’s all-electric refuse trucks will be equipped with an electric powertrain control system (ePCS) from Motiv Power Systems. The trucks will carry 10 battery packs and have a

By Grace Suizo

All-electric refuse trucks will bring a whole new level of “clean” to the Windy City.

Tags: Chicago, Motiv Power Systems, Battery-Electric Vehicles

March 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Safety-Kleen Demystifies Re-Refined Oil

Safety-Kleen operates a national fleet of 450 vehicles, which it uses to collect used oil from a variety of automotive and fleet sources.

By Chris Wolski

Re-refined oil may not be a front-of-mind demand by fleet managers, but Safety-Kleen is working to change that. Its EcoPower product is proving itself among fleets across the U.S.

Tags: Re-refined oil, Safety-Kleen, EcoPower

March 2013, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Sony Pictures' New Clean Truck Fleet Helps Keep the Action Rolling

By Greg Basich

Sony Pictures replaced 29 of its vehicles with updated, CARB-compliant gasoline and diesel models.

Tags: CARB, Ford F-550, Toyota Prius, Ford E-350, Ford F-650, Sony Pictures



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Market Trends

Mike Antich
Upward Pressure on Fleet Costs Threatens to Increase TCO

By Mike Antich
Recently, I conducted a survey of several hundred fleet managers to identify emerging industry trends. One recurrent theme expressed by fleet managers was the concern that fleet costs are starting to experience upward pricing pressures. Here's what they told me.

How to Minimize Unauthorized Use of Corporate Assets

By Mike Antich

Driving Notes

Mike Antich
2018 Chevrolet Equinox Diesel

By Mike Antich
The Chevrolet Equinox adds a 1.6L four-cylinder turbo diesel to its lineup of engine choices for 2018. The fuel-efficient turbo diesel generates 137 hp and 240 lb.-ft. of torque mated to a six-speed automatic.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

By Paul Clinton

Nobody Asked Me, But...

Sherb Brown
Adapting to a Changing Tide

By Sherb Brown
Fleets are often the beta testers of the vehicle market. That shift away from compact sedans we saw in the fleet market a few years ago is playing out in real time in the retail market right now.

Keep Realistic Fleet Expectations

By Sherb Brown

Fuel for Thought

Joe Thompson
How the VW Settlement Funding Can Benefit Your Fleet

By Joe Thompson
Part of the settlement required VW to establish and fund an Environmental Mitigation Trust. Over the next 10 years, the trust will fund environmental mitigation projects that specifically reduce emissions of NOx.

Listen Up (or Lose)

By Joe Thompson