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December 2017, Green Fleet Magazine - Cover Story

2017 Fleet Car of the Year: Ford Fusion

Photo courtesy of Ford.

By Andy Lundin

For the 2017 model year, the Ford Fusion added 20 driver-assist features, including adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go technology, and the Ford SYNC3 Infotainment system. It is available with several hybrid options.

Tags: Ford Fusion, Fleet Car of the Year, Ford Fusion Hybrid, Ford, Ford Fusion Energi, Awards, Mid-Size Sedans

September 2017, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Piedmont Natural Gas Aims for CNG Truck Conversions

Piedmont Natural Gas utilizes compressed natural gas in its fleet of dump trucks. (Photo: Piedmont Natural Gas)

By Lauren Fletcher

Growing in use in truck fleets, compressed natural gas is a clean alternative to gasoline and diesel. One natural gas utility fleet is working to grow its use of natural gas vehicles and promote the technology.

Tags: Natural Gas Vehicles, Natural Gas Trucks, Piedmont Natural Gas

April 2016, Green Fleet Magazine - WebXclusive

Tank Choice Affects Alt-Fuel Efficiency

The advantages of propane autogas tanks, include the ability to get them in a number of shapes, including toroidial, which doesn't compromise cargo space. Photo: Worthington Industries

By Chris Wolski

While today’s lower cost of traditional fuels may have shrunk the market for alt-fuel vehicles, they can still make economic sense for light-duty fleets. One of the often-overlooked aspects to choosing the most efficient alt-fuel system is the choice of fuel tank.

Tags: Propane Autogas, Fuel Tanks, CNG

December 2015, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

UPS Goes Green with Workhorse

Photo courtesy of Workhorse

By Lauren Fletcher

The all-new hybrid-electric delivery vehicle will deliver 400 percent of the fuel economy of a comparable gasoline-powered vehicle, and features the truckmaker’s E-GEN technology.

Tags: Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles, UPS, Workhorse, Battery-Electric Vehicles

December 2015, Green Fleet Magazine - Cover Story

Florida Electrifies Transportation Infrastructure

Linda Bluestein, co-director of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Clean Cities program, plugs in a Chevrolet Volt rented through Drive Electric Orlando. Photo via Colleen Kettles, Central Florida Clean Cities Coalition

By Steve Lommele

You must be this tall to ride — it’s a common sign at many of central Florida’s theme parks, but not something visitors will see when hopping into one of the area’s newest rides.

Tags: Florida, Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles, U.S. Department of Energy, Drive Electric Orlando

December 2015, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Five Steps for Managing Your Fleet's Energy Budget

There are several alternative energy options fleet managers can consider to maximize their fleet’s energy budget and increase energy savings. Photo via

By Christopher Lyon

Energy consumption accounts for a large part of a fleet’s operating budget. Fleet managers need to look for efficient and long-lasting ways to reduce this expense.

Tags: Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Clean Energy Fuels, Gasoline-Electric Hybrids, Fleet Budget, How-to Guides

October 2015, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

CNG Fuel System Inspections: Technician Training is Key

During hands-on practical skill building, technicians use a depth gauge to assess damage on a compressed natural gas (CNG) cylinder.

By Kasia McBride

Technicians inspecting compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel systems should be trained on general and detailed visual inspections.

Tags: Natural Gas Vehicles, Technician Training, CNG, NGVi, CNG Tanks

August 2015, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

The Economics of Natural Gas Vehicles

Overall, compressed natural gas prices are not subject to as much fluctuation due to the breakdown of its pricing. Source: VNG Co.

By Rob Minton

When considering an alternative-fuel vehicle option, such as natural gas, there may be some additional up-front costs; however, overall lifecycle costs are proving the decision to be a sound option.

Tags: Lifecycle Costs, Natural Gas Vehicles, CNG, LNG

August 2015, Green Fleet Magazine - Cover Story

Expanding Alt-Fuel Opportunities in Tenn.

Jonathan Overly, executive director of ETCleanFuels (right), with the Kingsport, Tenn., Police Department Nissan LEAF, one of the various alternative-fuel vehicles in the City fleet, which also boasts 50 pieces of equipment powered by propane autogas. Photo courtesy of the East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition.

By Ernie Tucker

The East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition (ETCleanFuels) is finding ways to help clear the air in the home of the Great Smoky Mountains.

Tags: Biodiesel, Tennessee, Propane Autogas, Clean Fuels Coalition

August 2015, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

AmeriPride Takes Next Step with Propane Autogas

Todd Mouw (far left) of ROUSH CleanTech and AmeriPride Fleet Manager Banny Allison (third from left) were on hand to unveil the fleet’s new propane-autogas step vans. The company will be adding 20 of these vans to its California operations. Photo by Chris Wolski.

By Chris Wolski

The textile and rental supply company’s alt-fuel fleet program is part of its wider sustainability efforts, and the company has plans to continue testing new technologies and growing the program

Tags: Propane Autogas, ROUSH CleanTech, Delivery Fleets, AmeriPride

August 2015, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

PG&E Electrifies Its Sustainability Efforts

PG&E’s Class 5 plug-in hybrid electric bucket truck, developed in partnership with Efficient Drivetrains Incorporated (EDI), features up to 40 miles all-electric range. Photo courtesy of PG&E.

By Adam Pringle

The San Francisco-based energy provider expanded its electric vehicle charging efforts and released a Class 5 plug-in hybrid electric bucket truck.

Tags: PG&E, Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles, California, Battery-Electric Vehicles, EV Charging

April 2015, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Incentives Help Bolster Business Case for NGVs

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

By Rob Minton

While not something to depend on, when available, incentives can help reduce the overall cost of a natural gas vehicle (NGV) fleet.

Tags: Natural Gas Vehicles, Incentives, Taxation, TCO, Federal Grants

April 2015, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

An Affordable Way to Comply with Diesel Emissions Standards

While diesel engines offer fleets a number of advantages, including better fuel economy, their big drawback are the emissions they release. Filters can help alleviate this. Photo via

By Shelley Mika

New diesel emissions control systems significantly reduce four main emissions at a lower cost. The technologies have the additional advantage of improving vehicle performance.

Tags: Clean Diesel Technologies, Emissions, Diesel Engines, Regulations

April 2015, Green Fleet Magazine - Cover Story

Green Fleet Conference Gives Business Case for Alt-Fuels

Todd Mouw of ROUSH CleanTech (at podium) presents Alpha Baking Co. Inc., with the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC)’s Propane Autogas Fleet award. The company developed and deployed 22 Ford E-450 propane autogas bread delivery trucks in 2012.

By Staff

Returning to Schaumburg, Ill., 2014’s Green Fleet Conference gave attendees a comprehensive overview of the alternative fuels market through a mix of traditional and interactive presentations.

Tags: Green Fleet Conference, Fleet Technology Expo, Fleet Events

April 2015, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Grant Go-Getters Embrace the 'Green Side' in Pennsylvania

Executive Director Tony Bandiero (right) poses with stakeholder and Special Projects Coordinator Michelle Marsh to celebrate the opening of the Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority’s first compressed natural gas (CNG) station to support its newly converted transfer fleet. Photo courtesy of Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority

By Kendall Septon

When Tony Bandiero signed on to become a board member of the Greater Philadelphia Clean Cities (GPCC) coalition seven years ago, it seemed an unlikely match. This was because Bandiero came from “the dark side” — the petroleum industry — as he likes to joke.

Tags: Clean Cities, State Grants, Emissions Reduction, Alternative Fuels, Pennsylvania

December 2014, Green Fleet Magazine - WebXclusive

A Primer on Natural Gas Fueling

Photo by Becky May.

By Rob Minton

Understanding a few key terms will help anyone sound like a pro when discussing natural gas.

Tags: Natural Gas Vehicles, CNG Fueling Stations, How-to Guides

November 2014, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Fueling Your Natural Gas Vehicle

By Rob Minton

Fleets looking to switch to natural-gas-fueled vehicles can reduce fuel costs by up to 40 percent or more. Understanding the variations in fueling station types, and how the fleet needs to fuel, can help in making the decision.

Tags: CNG, LNG, Natural Gas Vehicles, CNG Fueling Stations

November 2014, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Plug-in Electric Vehicle Scorecard Drives Fleet Readiness

By Shannon Brescher Shea

Several fleets discuss the benefits of a PEV scorecard to help verify current progress of programs in place and make changes based on real-world data.

Tags: Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Clean Cities, U.S. Department of Energy

November 2014, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

How to Create a Sustainable Green Fleet Policy

By Shelley Mika

Implementing a well thought-out green fleet policy can cut both costs and emissions — yielding benefits for fleets, communities, and beyond.

Tags: Rightsizing, Clean Cities, Alternative Fuels

November 2014, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Partnerships Cement Long-Term Success for Northern Colorado Duo

By Kendall Septon, NREL

The Northern Colorado Clean Cities Coalition (NCCC) has led the way to help clean up the state’s air by helping to introduce compressed natural gas (CNG) as a fleet vehicle fuel.

Tags: Clean Cities, CNG Fueling Stations

November 2014, Green Fleet Magazine - Cover Story

What's New with Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles

By Lauren Fletcher and Chris Wolski

While electric vehicles have captured the imagination of the public at large, fleets continue to lag behind. In every vehicle’s future, advocates see electric potential.

Tags: Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Gasoline-Electric Hybrids

November 2014, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

2014 Sustainability All-Stars Announced

Sustainability All Stars in attendance at the 2014 Green Fleet Conference & Expo.

By Joanne Tucker

The Sustainability All Stars of 2014 add to a growing list of fleet professionals who have demonstrated significant contributions to environmental sustainability and fleet efficiencies.

Tags: Sustainability All Stars, Green Fleet Conference, Awards, Sustainability

October 2014, Green Fleet Magazine - WebXclusive

Exploring the Commercial Fleet Sessions at Green Fleet Conference

Photo via Wikimedia.

By Becky May

Commercial fleet managers can expect to get a wide variety of information at the 2014 Green Fleet Conference & Expo on Oct. 29-31. The four sessions will cover topics ranging from how to coach drivers to selling sustainability to C-level executives.

Tags: Driver Training, Green Fleet Conference, Driver Behavior, Senior Management, Alternative Fuels

September 2014, Green Fleet Magazine - Cover Story

2015 Alt-Fuel Vehicle Introductions

Photo of GMC Sierra 2500 HD courtesy of GM.

By Lauren Fletcher and Chris Wolski

If there's one common denominator in all of this year's alt-fuel offerings it's efficiency, which extends from the fuel type to include advanced materials and design.

Tags: 2015-MY, Alternative Fuels, Bi-Fuel CNG, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles, Battery-Electric Vehicles

September 2014, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Linen Supply Fleet Adopts CNG, Propane Vehicles

By Shelley Mika

With a corporate mindset aimed toward sustainability, the family-owned business has invested in alternative-fuel vehicles, including both compressed natural gas and propane autogas models.

Tags: Compressed Natural Gas, Delivery Fleets, Step Vans

September 2014, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Stop-Start Engine Technology for 2015-MY

By Lauren Fletcher and Chris Wolski

Chrysler Group is offering fuel-saving engine stop-start (ESS) technology as standard equipment on certain models of the 2015 Jeep Cherokee mid-size SUV and all-new 2015 Chrysler 200 mid-size sedan.

Tags: Chrysler, Jeep Cherokee, Stop-Start, Fuel Efficiency, 2015-MY

September 2014, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Volkswagen's 2.0L Four-Cylinder TDI Clean Diesel Engine

By Lauren Fletcher and Chris Wolski

Called the EA288, the 2.0L four-cylinder TDI Clean Diesel engine is all-new for 2015. The new engine will power the 2015 Golf, Beetle, Beetle Convertible, Passat, and Jetta, all of which are set to arrive in dealer showrooms in the second half of 2014.

Tags: Volkswagen, TDI, Four-Cylinder, Clean Diesel Vehicles, Diesel Engines, 2015-MY

September 2014, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Coachella Valley Tunes in & Turns up Alternative-Fuel Usage

This 24-hour CNG fueling station located in Thousand Palms, Calif., is part of a network of seven CNG stations throughout the Coachella Valley region available to the general public. Photo via Sunline Transit Agency

By Kendall Septon

Most famous for its rock and roll festival, California’s Coachella Valley is also building its reputation as an alt-fuel fleet hot spot.

Tags: CNG Fueling Stations, Clean Cities, Compressed Natural Gas

September 2014, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

2014 Green Fleet Car and Truck of the Year Awards

Photo: L.A. Auto Show

By Mike Antich

The winners of the car and truck awards will be selected via an online ballot by the readers of Green Fleet and Automotive Fleet magazines. In addition, one two fleets will also be recognized for “Innovations in Sustainability.”

Tags: Fleet Car of the Year, Fleet Truck of the Year, Awards, L.A. Auto Show, Clean Cities

July 2014, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Cadillac Offers ELRs Access to Charging Stations

Buyers of the Cadillac ELR (above), Chevrolet Volt or Chevrolet Spark EV receive a ChargePoint card that allows access to more than 17,000 charging stations nationwide, most of them at

By Shelley Mika

Cadillac partnered with ChargePoint to offer ELR drivers access to more than 17,000 charging stations worldwide— making it easier for luxury car drivers to power their EVs.

Tags: ChargePoint, General Motors, Chevrolet Volt, Cadillac ELR, Chevrolet Spark EV, Battery-Electric Vehicles

July 2014, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

CEI Hits All-Electric Vehicle Repair Milestone

The CEI Group has worked with its 4,000-shop network to repair more than 1,200 electric vehicles, including this Chevrolet Volt. Photo: The CEI Group

Repairing all-electric vehicles poses extreme hazards for technicians. If not handled correctly, repairing one of these vehicles could result in an electrical shock.

Tags: CEI Group, Chevrolet Volt, Ford C-Max, Battery-Electric Vehicles

July 2014, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Toyota Helps Advance Hydrogen Fueling Infrastructure

The FirstElement Fuel Management Team — (L-R) Shane Stephens-Romero, Joel Ewanick, and Tim Brown — is working closely with Toyota to expand fuel cell adoption in Califo

By Cheryl Knight

Toyota Motor Sales supports California's hydrogen fueling initiative by dedicating funds to FirstElement Fuel, which will build 19 public stations.

Tags: Toyota, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles, FirstElement Fuel, State Grants, Hydrogen Fueling Stations

July 2014, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Indiana CNG Tax Break Earns Recognition

Greater Indiana Clean Cities Coalition Executive Director Kellie Walsh (left) and Indiana Rep. Randy Frye (far right) celebrate passage of legislation to support the use of alternative fuels.

By Ernest Tucker

The Greater Indiana Clean Cities Coalition worked with a state representative to boost fleet incentives to use natural-gas vehicles.

Tags: Clean Cities, Indiana, Alternative Fuels, CNG, Tax Incentive, Legislation

May 2014, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Connecticut Leads LNG Revolution on East Coast

The GNHCCC manages a combined LNG- and CNG-fueling facility.

By Ernest Tucker, National Renewable Energy Lab

For the past two decades, the Greater New Haven Clean Cities Coalition (GNHCCC) has worked to make fleets in Connecticut and surrounding states more efficient and sustainable.

Tags: LNG, Clean Cities, Connecticut

May 2014, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

A Fleet Manager's Guide to Switching to Natural Gas Medium-Duty Trucks

Queens-based Ferrara Brothers Building Materials employs a Kenworth T440 CNG truck equipped with the 8.9L Cummins Westport ISL engine to haul cement around New York City.

By Sean Lyden

Fleet managers must consider a wide range of options when deciding on converting their truck fleet to natural gas.

Tags: Fleet Management, LNG, Medium-Duty Trucks, Conversion, CNG

July 2014, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Washington State DOT Increases Alt-Fuel Fleet with New EVs

Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) Secretary Lynn Peterson charges up WSDOT’s first Nissan LEAF. The state expects to realize more than $2,500 per EV over their operational

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) has become the first state agency in the nation to ink a deal to acquire five of the all-new Nissan LEAF electric vehicles.

Tags: Nissan Leaf, EV Charging, Washington, Battery-Electric Vehicles

July 2014, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

NW Natural to Test 'Absorbed' Storage Systems

NW Natural will test new CNG tank technology from EnerG2 to see whether it’s viable in real-world scenarios, particularly for fleet applications. Photo: NW Natural

By Joanne Tucker

Natural gas tanks and compressors have been fairly standardized in the past few years due to the pressure needed to fill an on-board tank. But, a new tank could drastically change the market.

Tags: Natural Gas Vehicles, Compressed Natural Gas, CNG Fueling Stations

July 2014, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Fleets See the Bottom-Line Benefit of Going Green

By Chris Wolski

Fleets across the board have seen the operational and bottom-line benefits of going green. With several years behind them, fleets have learned sustainability involves being flexible and analytical.

July 2014, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Fleets Testing VIA Motors' Electric Hybrids

PG&E has been testing the plug-in pickups and vans from VIA Motors, and plans to make additional purchases. Photos courtesy of VIA.

By Paul Clinton

The vehicle modifier is expanding production of its extended-range vehicles to meet the growing demand from fleet customers, who are lining up and ready to commit to the hybrid-electric work vehicles.

Tags: PG&E, Verizon, VIA Motors, Gasoline-Electric Hybrids, Full-Size Vans

July 2014, Green Fleet Magazine - Cover Story

Evolving Alt-Fuel Infrastructure

By Stephane Babcock

The current state of alternative-fuel infrastructure continues to evolve thanks to market-driven policies, emerging fuels and technologies, and government and manufacturer collaborations.

Tags: Infrastructure, Propane Autogas, dimethyl ether, Hydrogen Fueling Stations, Natural Gas, Battery-Electric Vehicles

July 2014, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Lessons Learned from Clean Cities Community EV Readiness Projects

By Stephane Babcock

With the help of Clean Cities, communities in 24 states learned what it takes to create an electric vehicle infrastructure to meet the growing demand of this next-generation alt-fuel option.

Tags: Clean Cities, EV Charging, Battery-Electric Vehicles

May 2014, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Upgrading Refuse Fleets to CNG: Three Considerations Beyond Economics

By Annalloyd Thomason, Natural Gas Vehicle Institute

Refuse fleets are one of the fastest growing markets for compressed natural gas, primarily because of the significant fuel cost savings that can be realized. The Natural Gas Vehicle Institute offers these key factors refuse fleets need to examine when considering upgrading to CNG.

Tags: Driver Training, Natural Gas Vehicles, Technician Training, Alternative Fuels, CNG, Refuse Fleets, NG

May 2014, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

State of the Alternative-Fuel Industry

By Lauren Fletcher

With advancements coming in leaps and bounds across all advanced and alternative fuels used as fuel for transportation, a snapshot is needed of the main types. Learn about how these fuels started, where they are at today, and forecasts and predictions for the future.

Tags: Biodiesel, Infrastructure, Propane Autogas, Alternative Fuels, Natural Gas, Battery-Electric Vehicles

May 2014, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

AT&T Conserves Water, Fuel Through Fleet

AT&T recently put its scheduled vehicle washing program on hiatus for the more than 15,000 fleet vehicles located in California until the drought declaration is lifted. Photo courtesy of AT

By Stephane Babcock

The telecommunications giant has reduced water, fuel usage both in California and nationally with conservation programs and alt-fuel adoption.

Tags: AT&T, Fuel Management, Natural Gas

May 2014, Green Fleet Magazine - Cover Story

Tying the Future of Telematics to Sustainability

By Sean Lyden

Telematics are now a byword in fleet management. And, while these systems can help increase overall fleet efficiency, another benefit is being reaped on the side of sustainability.

Tags: Telematics, GPS, Sustainability

May 2014, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Efficiency, Sustainability Gained Through Telematics

By Chris Wolski

Several real-world examples show how telematics solutions are making fleets’ efforts to go green a success.

Tags: Telematics, GPS, Sustainability

April 2014, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Celebrating the Green Fleet All-Stars

In honor of Earth Day, we look back at the number of fleet professionals who have been acknowledged as Green Fleet Sustainability All-Stars this past year.

Tags: Green Fleet Awards, Green Fleet Conference, Sustainability All Stars, Earth Day

March 2014, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Behavior Modification Drives Green Fleet Goals

Using GPS tracking capability, Benfield Electric can schedule vehicles for jobs in the same area on a given day. The company also utilizes an idle-time report.

By Shelley Mika

Accomplishing corporate sustainability goals has a lot to do with fuel type and vehicle choice, but it can also come down to who is in the driver’s seat of the fleet’s vehicles.

Tags: Driver Behavior, Eco-Driving, Idling

March 2014, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Smallest State Gears Up for Big Transportation Impacts

Newport Biodiesel produces fuel from waste vegetable oil collected from more than 1,700 restaurant partners in the New England area.

By Julie Sutor, National Renewable Energy Laborat

Ocean State Clean Cities Coalition is working with fleets throughout Rhode Island to accelerate the use of alternative fuels.

Tags: Biodiesel, Clean Cities, Battery-Electric Vehicles, Rhode Island

March 2014, Green Fleet Magazine - Feature

Sacramento Takes the Green Leap

The City of Sacramento’s fleet department has reduced gasoline consumption by 10 percent since 2011 and increased the use of compressed natural gas.

By Stephane Babcock

The City of Sacramento has taken its “going green” goals to a new level, and it’s been able to prove the benefits along the way.



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Market Trends

Mike Antich
Why Competent Fleet Managers Are Terminated

By Mike Antich
Over the years, I have known many competent fleet managers. But, like salmons swimming upstream, not every promising fleet manager survives the challenges and rigors of day-to-day fleet management. It is understandable when fleet managers are fired for making expensive mistakes or when caught engaging in ethical transgressions, but, sadly, many more are terminated for circumstances that are entirely avoidable.

Forces Threaten to Change Fleet From a Career to a Stepping Stone

By Mike Antich

Driving Notes

Chris Brown
Hyundai Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid

By Chris Brown
The Hyundai Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid is the least expensive model on the market to offer electric-only range, while offering spirited driving performance and plenty of standard features.

2018 Range Rover Velar First Edition

By Mike Antich

Nobody Asked Me, But...

Sherb Brown
Keep Realistic Fleet Expectations

By Sherb Brown
If you don’t stay on top of the latest developments in mobility, battery technology, autonomous vehicles, and telematics, you are subjecting yourself to the whims of senior management who may be making decisions based on the latest trendy news.

Fleet Management 2.0

By Sherb Brown

Fuel for Thought

Joe Thompson
How the VW Settlement Funding Can Benefit Your Fleet

By Joe Thompson
Part of the settlement required VW to establish and fund an Environmental Mitigation Trust. Over the next 10 years, the trust will fund environmental mitigation projects that specifically reduce emissions of NOx.

Listen Up (or Lose)

By Joe Thompson